Last month was a new adventure for me, unfortunately not the good kind. For example like starting a new crochet project is always exciting.  I was feeling a little under the weather for around three weeks, with the end result being determined that I am anemic.  So for those of you that join me each month, I would like to apologize for the lack of post in the last few weeks, it was a medical trial.  Lord willingly, it will not happen again.

A recap of last month was ‘Crochet from the Heart.”  A month set aside to crochet for charity or someone you love.  I opted for someone I love.  I am crocheting a table runner for my mother for Mother’s Day.  I”m  thinking I might be a few days late, as I have 70 rows left to work.  Leaving plenty of time to crochet for this month.

Now out with the old month and in with May.

I have been looking forward to May for a while now, as it has been designated as Kitt-in Month.  A month where you get to purchase a crochet kit.  I have been wanting to buy a Herrschners kit for a while, and this gives me the perfect excuse to obtain one.  

I can hear you now – why would I want to buy a crochet kit.  Why not just run down to my local yarn store and pick out my own.  Well you could do that, or you could pick out a kit

To begin with you do not have to worry about buying the wrong yarn. I know for some people, especially for beginners this can be stressful.   The kit will come with the instructions and enough yarn to finish the project.  Just make sure you buy a kit designed for the skill level you are crocheting.

I have had my kit for a few months now, my fingers just itching to unzip the bag and get crocheting.  I brought the Lollipops Baby Blanket from Herrschners.  It came with instructions for an easy skill level, 5 skeins of yarn, a yarn needle and a label form Herrschners to sew on when I am finished.  

I am so excited about getting started on the baby blanket that it will help to motivate me to finish the table runner for my mother.

Have you  ever wanted to work a crochet kit?  If so, this is the month to plunge in and join us for May our Kitt-in Month.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.