In today’s world there is just about a holiday for every subject topic, cause or animal.  Over the weekend I was shown a holiday I never knew existed, one I thought would be  of a particular interest not only to me, but to our readers.  

Not many people are aware that the first Saturday of every April is National Handmade Day. 

After doing some research, I found on another web sight that the holiday was founded by Scratch Farm (From Scratch).  The holiday was founded to help support and recognize all the work and time that goes into homemade items.  For instance  with me, I not only teach several levels of crocheting, I also sell and repair crocheted items.

I know this post comes to you after the fact for 2021, but mark it on your calendar for next year.  

Here is how can you join in the celebrating National Homemade Day:

First, shop at and support your local handmade artisan store.  You might be surprised by all they have to offer.  Then share the wonderful finds on #NationalHandmadeDay on your social media.  

Even though the holiday was last Saturday, you can chose to support your local artisan stores this week.  I am sure they would appreciate your business.

Secondly, if you have a small business yourself or are creating handmade items, then be sure to post your services and items on line and let the people in your area know that you exist.  

This is a day that should be celebrated by every crocheter.   I have already marked the first Saturday in April of 2022 and are making plans to not only promote my store,  but also support other artisan stores in my area.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.