Here at Crochet with Passion we are not only seeing an to 2021 National Crochet Month but also our first ever Bucket List month around here.  

There was one of three ways to celebrate  “Bucket List Month,”  with us.

The choices were:

  1.  Any project not finished – an UFO that has been laying around the house.

  2.  Any project that you have been really wanting to crochet.

  3.  Any new crochet techniques or stitched you have been wanting to learn.

I personaly had decided to learn a new crochet technique called Mosaic Crochet.  It is something that has been on my crochet bucket list for quite a while.  I was surprised at how easy this amazing looking stitch really was to execute.  

I was going to post a tutorial on the basic mosaic stitch today, but because life happens I switched the two posts and you can look for the tutorial tomorrow.  Today I will be displaying my crochet projects that I completed this month.

I used the pattern book ‘Learn to Crochet the Mosaic Hats,”  It was so well written it quickly took me through the first hat and I was able to complete 5 of the 7 pattern by months end.  They looked so amazing even my husband was impressed.  

Although each hat looked unique they each were crocheted with the same basic stitches of dc, ch and sc.  I know this fact is not really important, but I liked the fact that the same type of yarn and hook size we’re required for each project.  

I used up some yarn in my stash so all but one of my hats were the same colors.  If I was making them again, I probably would have done them in different colors.  Remember, when you are choosing yarn — if you chose contrasting colors the pattern shows more distinctly.  

Also a word of caution, when you are working the pattern for the first time it will need your full attention.  Although the patterns are easy, the stitches must be done in the right sequence or the pattern will not work.  If you are like me,  then you will do this better in a room alone.  If you have a problem with the pattern I am thinking it will be in placing the right stitches in the right order.  The good thing is that you will know you missed up by the next color change.

I am so glad I took the time to learn this technique.    I had so much fun learning and am eagerly looking forward to trying the Mosaic crochet technique out on some larger projects.

If you are someone who has mastered following patterns where crocheting several different stitch combination in one row, then this might be something you would like to try.   The patterns were all marked easy.

Is there a crochet stitch or technique that your fingers have just been itching to try ?How about sharing with us below. 

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.