March is Crochet Month.  These are just four little words, but when I say them they stir up so many ideas in my head.  This is one of the reasons here at “Crochet with Passion” we have made March, our “Crochet Bucket List” month.  If there is any month that you should achieve one of  your crochet dreams, it ought to be in National Crochet Month.

Every crocheter should do something to celebrate National Crochet Month.  For instance it is the perfect time to introduce a friend or two to the wonderful world of crocheting. Introduce them to the craft by teaching them a stitch or two.

Or maybe by inspiring others – just by taking your crocheting along with you to the doctors office or any other appointment that has a waiting period for you.  Crocheting in public, has not only started many new friendships but has helped to spread National Crochet Month’s mission which is to promote visibility of this art form.

We have assigned a theme to every month of the calendar year.  If you are still undecided about how to celebrate this month’s theme, you could join us at “Crochet with Passion.” As I mentioned above, this is our Bucket List month,  Make March the month for crossing something off of that undone crochet list of projects.

In March  we are doing one of the following:

1.  Any project we have not finished – an UFO that has been laying around the house.  You know, that project that you would love to have completed by now.

2.  Any project that we have been really wanting to crochet.  We all have one, or two, or three that look pretty snazzy to try.  

3.  Any new crochet technique I have been wanting to learn and will challenge us.

No matter how you decide to celebrate, just pick up your hook and keep those hooks flying!!!