When I learned to crochet back in the 1980’s the only language I had to learn was crochet abbreviations.  (Which was a challenge at the time with two small toddlers to care for.)  But  now with the internet giving us such easy contact with other crocheter’s, our community has developed its own language.  One I am still learning.  

Today I am going to share with you the crochet slang that I have found.   After researching,  I decided to compile a list which I am now determined to start  learning and using.  So here is what I have found. You can see I have tried to divide these into categories to make it easier for my brain to learn them.


DH – Dear hubby.

hooker – one who uses a hook to crochet.

Bistichtual – this is someone who both knits and crochets

yarnie – someone who loves yarn

OCD – Obsessive crocheting disorder

Status of Project: 

KOHO – Keep On Hookin’ On

FOTH -fresh off the hook.

HOTH – hot off the hook

PIGS – projects in grocery sacks

frog or frogging – to rip out one’s work; repeat the phrase “rip it, rip it” like  a frog.

TALC – Take along crochet

YAP – Yet another project

WIP – Work in progress

USO – Unstarted object, a project you have all the yarn for but have not started yet for which ever reason

USO -unstarted object

PHD -projects half done

UFO – unfinished object

WIVSP – Work in very slow progress, can lead to a UFO

Project itself:

yarn barf – the tangled mess of yarn that comes out of a skein of yarn when you pull out a center strand

clown barf -when bright variegated yarn- pools in an unattractive pattern

MAM – mile-a-minute technique

Crochet Speak of Old – Vintage crochet patterns are sometimes quirky, yet surprisingly relevant to the modern crocheter

C2C -Corner-to-Corner Crochet, a crochet technique in which you work pixels in a diagonal line

CAL – Crochet Along, a project in which a new part of the pattern is released every week or fortnight.

Freeform – crochet worked without a pattern, just working one stitch at a time and seeing where it goes.

Yarn Cake – the winded yarn you end up with when winding a skein of yarn using a yarn winder

AYGO – join as you go

Related to Yarn or Patterns

De-stashing – when you give away or sell some of your yarn stash

ISO – In search of, usually yarn or a pattern

LYS – Local or little yarn store

SABLE – stash accumulated beyond life expectancy

PABLE – Patterns accumulated beyond life expectancy

STASH – all your yarn, also that hidden yarn 

Stashbuster – a project that uses up a lot of random and/or leftover yarn

Yarn Cake – the winded yarn you end up with when winding a skein of yarn using a yarn winder

YART – Yarn acquisition road trip. 

Just for fun

MGBTC – must get back to crocheting

NCR -not crochet related

FS – For Sale, when posing an item such as yarn or crochet project in a social group which is available for sale.

MGBTC – Must get back to crocheting

PTP – Permission to Post, especially applicable to social groups that have strict rules about what may and may not be posted.

There might be more out here that I have not found.   I have a feeling this might be a never ending list as with all slang.  I still hope it will be helpful, maybe we could learn together.  I have always told people I was bilingual;  English and Crochet.  If I learn and start using these I think I will be for real. So here goes, stay tuned.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.