I do not know about you – but for me February just seemed to fly by.  For “Scrap Month,” I decided to be a little more ambitious and crochet an afghan for the last three weeks of February.  I missed my dead line by one day,  But all in all I am pretty happy with how I ended the first “Scrap Month” in “Crochet With Passion’s” short history.

I used a regular afghan pattern and converted it into one that could be used for my scrap yarn afghan.  If you have a pattern that has a main color that separates the strips like the one below,  it too can easily be used for a scrap yarn afghan.  The hardest part for me is using colors that look good together.  Keep in mind I am only using yarn that I have here in my house.

I have made this one several times before and I have always enjoyed the final outcome.  I found the original pattern in an issue of “Crochet with Heart” August 1997 .  

FYI:  If you have ever wondered what size an afghan should be for different uses I would like to share a web page I thought would be very helpful. It comes from the “Crochet Crowd.” site.  It shows the different sizes for each kind of blanket.  I have attached the link below.

I hope you enjoy scrap month as much as I did.  Do you get as excited as I do when an entire project is born  out of yarn you have laying around the house.  I know my hubby does, no yarn run this month.

Please look for my post tomorrow as I introduce “Crochet with Passion Bucket List” month.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.