Today I was going to share the pattern books I have in my personal library that help to inspire me with projects for my stash yarn.  Some of them have been on my shelf for a while, and some have just gotten there within the last few years.

Newest to oldest:

First, the ones I still see for still on sale on the internet:  

Crochet One-Skein Wonders (2013)
To be honest I am not sure how many are in this series.  I have found a total of seven on Amazon.  (Already added them to my wish list) I like this book because not only does every pattern  require only one skein of yarn — the author divided the book into types of yarn.
Weekend Crochet Calendar (2020)
If you see a pattern book designed for projects that can be made in a weekend, odds are you could probably crochet those projects with a small amount of yarn – usually under 4 skeins.  This is not always the case, but as a general rule.
Scrap Happy Crochet Calendar (2015)
This was a calendar I had used in 2015 and the twelve patterns were all designed for scrap yarn.
Scrap Happy Crochet Calendar (2015)
This was a calendar I had used in 2015 and the twelve patterns were all designed for scrap yarn.
Creative Crochet in a Day (2002)
This is like the previous one above.  There is just such a variety of projects to choose from and almost certain to titillate something for everyone’s taste.  This book has projects  of a unique and creative way to use up your scrap yarn.
Old-Timey Scrap Afghans (1997)
This is a small leaflet that contains 6 patterns.  Ranging from unique granny squares to striped scrap afghans.
Scrap Bag Afghans  (1993)
This also is a small leaflet that contains 6 patterns.  There was a variety from strips, chevrons, shells and even a  hexagon granny motif afghan.

These are the ones that might be a little harder to acquire:

Scrap Afghans On the Double (2001)
This one is unique because it uses a double end crochet hook.  The leaflet contains 5 reversible patterns.
Weekend Crochet Projects (1981)
I saw this one at a yard sale. While it does have some projects I would crochet, there are others that might be considered outdated and old fashioned.  But I bought it for a quarter, that if I just crocheted one project it would have been worth it. It has been.
Crocheted Scraps to Beauty Afghans (1980)
If you prefer the looks for the seventies and eighties then you would surely enjoy this small leaflet of crochet afghans.  I found it also at a yard sale.

Be alert at those garage sales ladies!

Others ways to use up scrap yarn is to look for any projects to do that use four or less skeins.  For example, hats, dish cloths, scarfs and other small projects.

I have also used regular afghan patterns and just substituted scrap yarn instead of using all one color.  In my opinion you could never have too many patterns for using your scrap yarn.

If you do not have any books in your library at this time and you love to crochet, you might want to consider obtaining one or two.  With crocheting comes the inevitable ever growing pile of left over yarn that will one day be your stash. But, it doesn’t have to go in the waste.

What are some books you have in your library?  There are so many more that I do not have and did not mentioned.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.