In January I was determined to crochet three projects, I was just going to take a moment to share them with you this morning.  First, I have been wanting to have a crocheted tree skirt under my Christmas tree for more years than  I care to mention. This year I made up my mind to have one.  

I started it in December, however, we had to make a trip to Tennessee to say good bye to my Daddy before he went on to Heaven.  Needless to say, it was finished in January, and will be under the tree next year.  

Secondly, a friend of mine from church asked me to crochet two scarves out of some yarn she found at a yard sale.  She had a lot of black and two small skeins of green, so I chose for the first one a simple striped green and black one.

And because the first was such a simple one, I wanted the second one to have a  little more design to it.  I found my inspiration for it in one of the patterns I had down loaded from  Loins Yarn Brand Web sight. (It was a free download when I printed it, so I am posting it at the end of this post for you)

I chose this pattern because I thought it would give the second scarf a little bit of a lace, seeing that it is a thinner yarn than what the pattern called for. The thickness of the yarn was also why I chose to omit the pockets.  As I believe the scarf to be to thin for such an embellishment.  

Also,  I was dealing with black yarn  so I went out of my way to make sure that I had good lighting. (Black is always harder to work with because it is harder to see where the stitches are)  This is the first scarf I have crocheted entirely out of black.

This week I am working on a scrap afghan,   I will hopefully be showing you pictures of it by months end.

Remember to keep those hooks flying!