Here at “Crochet with Passion” January is over, and now that we went through and organized all of our stash we can move on to February. Our theme for the month  is “Stash Month”.  And with us having just gone through our yarn and everything that we have should be fresh in our minds, it just might be we already have a project in mind.

I will be writing today about reasons to stop stashing yarn and start using it.  I would never be so bold as to say I do not need any yarn since there are times when I need to buy some yarn just to use up what is in my stash.  For example, I might need a blue yarn in order to use up some yellow yarn that I might have laying around.  But, if we are honest with ourselves, there are times when we need to walk to our closets instead of driving to a store.  Particularly if it means there are times your stash might be growing a little too big.  There is such a thing of having too much yarn on hand.

Before we begin I need you to stop and think ahead.  Ask yourself, is there a holiday, a birthday or a shower that you might need to have a gift for?  Is it possible to make that gift out of the yarn in your stash?  Just a reminder, Valentines day is just a few weeks away.

As you were going through your stash last month, was there a project that popped into your head with some of the yarn?   In other words were your inspired by your stash to crochet a project?  

With all of this in mind, lets talk about reasons to use up your stash:

1. It will make room for new yarn.  All our homes have limits on how much we can have. With me it is my closet.  When yarn rolls out at my feet, I know it is time to grab my hooks and start looking for a project to work.

2.  It takes away my guilt.    By using up yarn in my stash I no longer feel bad when I walk into JoAnn’s (my area does not have a large section of yarn stores, JoAnn’s or Walmart).  I can purchase the newest yarn or yarn for a project I hav been wanting to use without feeling guilty.  Why?  Because I used what I had in the house first.

3. Be a blessing.  If there is a skein of yarn you really do not like, then pass it on and bless someone else. Or trade it if you know another crocheter who would be willing to trade with you.  Either way, if you do not like it you will not use it, which of course would be a waste.

Over the years I have developed some rules to help me take control of my stash.  I am going to share them with you in hopes that they will be a help to you.

1.  First make a budget.  A set amount of money you can afford to spend on yarn monthly or yearly.  No matter what happens, how good the sale is do not spend more than what you have budget.

2.  Practice the one in-one out rule.  We live in a small house so this rule is across the board for us.  For example, if you want to buy six skeins of yarn, then use six skeins first.  This will help you to control your stash, or at least keep it at a manageable level.

3.  Look for patterns and books dealing with using scrap yarn, small projects or books debated to using scrap yarn.  This will help give you a place to go and get inspired, and this is my first go to spot.

I am hoping you will join me as I open up my closet and starting crocheting my way to more room and wonderful new projects.  I am hoping you will share your Scrap Yarn projects on my Facebook page.  By sharing your projects and ideas you can help inspire others to also use up their stash.  (My Facebook page is at the top just click and feel free to share a picture of your project on Crochet with Passion.)  Stay tuned for our ideas to lessen your scrap stash .

This month I look forward to not only seeing more ideas on using your stash, but also two stitch tutorials and a review on something in the world of crocheting.   

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.s