I have decided to write a quick post, I just could not allow “Plan N Organize Month” to pass here at “Crochet with Passion” without mentioning my crochet work area.  It is one of my favorite spots in our home.  By taking the time to prepare and by maintaining you too, can have a relaxing and enjoyable spot for your crocheting.

There are only a few things you will need.


The first thing is a good comfortable chair.  This will vary from person to person because of the different needs we all have.  I like a straight chair with a foot stool close by.  Sometimes I even place stuffed pillows behind my back on my crochet marathon days.

 I have had some students tell me they like to crochet at a table, others tell me, a rocking chair, a recliner and some crochet  on their couch.  Wherever it is, just make yourself comfortable for uninterrupted hours of crocheting.

Good Lighting:

I can remember even as a little girl my mother saying to turn on the light when reading or “You will go blind.”  There is a lot of truth to this wise saying.  There is plenty of reading and looking at our stitches in crocheting where good lighting will make it a little less stressful to work.   Fortunately today we have lighted hooks, speciality lamps that hang around one’s neck, magnifying sheets and more novelties  I have yet to discover.  All of these are designed for one reason- to make it easier to see.  

I keep a floor lamp sitting next to my chair.  This way I can move it as needed.  As I am getting on in years I also like to sit by a well lit window. This gives me ample lighting for crocheting with ease.


No matter where you like to sit you are going to need some kind of small table to hold your tools.  I like a small table to hold my crochet notions.  I also keep a small basket on it to hold my yarn ends.  Otherwise they tend to get on the floor or down under my chair cushion.  There is also enough room for my water or hot tea.

Work Totes/Baskets:

You cannot crochet very will without having some kind of tote or basket to contain your yarn and project in.  This can be a choice between specialty tote or a grocery bag.  

I am one of these crocheters that always want to do more projects then I have time for and because of this  I discovered I had a lot of unfinished projects laying around.  I either finished the ones I had or ripped them out to use the yarn for something else.  Then I found this system, and it has helped me too never have more than three projects at a time.

I got three bags; a small, medium and a large one.  These are the only bags I use for my crochet projects.  I make  sure I finish one, before I start a new one.  I can work on any project I desire, but only from these three work bags.

It has been a few years now, and this system seems to work for me.  I usually have two easy ones, that I can do with other people around. And one hard one for when I am alone.

What do you believe is important for your work area that I overlooked?  Would love to hear your input on the subject.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.