Here at“Crochet With Passion” we have designated January as “Plan and Organize Crochet Month”.    If you are new to crocheting you might not be experiencing a problem in organization yet, but as you become more and more enamored with crocheting, you will. 

You will discover wonderful tools out there to help you crochet with more ease which you might accumulate. Today I would not only like to share the tools I have but also a method I have chosen to store those tools.  Hope you will find something to help you or excites your creativity.

A few year ago I was running between three different spots to find the tool I needed, or I would go to teach a class only to discover that the tool I needed was at home in the bag. So after reading a lot of reviews and looking at a lot of different bags for a few days,  I came across the perfect one to hold all my tools in one spot.  I was looking for a small bag, but it had to have lots of pockets.  I found the Luxja Small Knitting Tote Bag, Yarn Storage Bag, the Dimension are 10.5″ x 5.5″ x 10.5”.  (They do have larger ones but I bought the smallest one.). I needed a bag big enough to hold everything, yet small enough and easy to keep by me and of course to carry.

Please, keep in mind I was looking for a bag to contain my crochet supplies and notions, not my projects.

Once I received the bag in the mail I laid out all my tools in front of me on an afghan and starting arranging them in one bag.  I know what you are thinking, there is no way all of that will fit in that little bag, but let me assure you it does.
We are going to start with the inside pockets.  I place my pom pom makers in one of the larger inside pockets.
My hair pin Hairpin lace loops and my larger ruler went in an inner side pocket.
Opposite the pom pom makers I place my clover Swatch Ruler and Needle Gauge
Now, moving to the outside;  I placed my main crochet hooks in the space provided for crochet hooks. When you are not using them there is a zipper to keep them  organized and from falling out.  I love this feature as it keep my hooks clearly marked and easy for use.
In the zipper pocket I placed all my manuals for my crochet tools, just in case I would need them one day.
My afghan crochet, double ended, and broom sticks hooks were placed opposite my other hooks – also in the bags specially designed pockets for the larger hooks.
In an outside side pocket I placed my flexible afghan crochet and double crochet hooks.
On the opposite side pocket I placed the rulers and gauges in the larger one so I could easily grab them when needed.  In the smaller pocket I place pens, pencils, highlighters and dry erase marker.

I had a piece of Tupperware laying around and it have found it perfect for holding my small notions.                           

Steel T hooks                                                  Yarn rings   

Measure tape                                                  Nail clippers

Large stitch holders                                      Stitch markers and clips

Yarn Cutter Pendant                                     Yarn needles

Yarn label                                                         Yarn threader           

Cable stitch holders                                       Bone rings

Jewelry (fasteners, ear rings wires)             Yarn bobs

My Crochet Instructor pin (Unfortunately a lesson learned when I had lost my teacher pin shortly after I receiving it)

This seems to really work for me.  When I am crocheting I can pull it out and place it on the table next to me for easy use.  When I am done it fits quite nicely  back in the bag for easy storage.

This was a crochet hooked roll I crocheted a few year ago and it was perfect for my steel hooks.
This small bag holds my specialty hooks:  Knook, Crochet-tat, rug hook and plie
And as you can tell -they all fit very snuggly in my one bag.  I hang a bottle of sanitizer on the handle and we are all ready for any crocheting needs that I might come across.
If for some reason I need to have my supplies ready for on the go, the bag does have a zipper to keep everything securely inside.

I have kept this little bag by my crocheting area for a few years now and it has made my crocheting experience so much nicer.  I never lose things now, or waste precious time looking for something when I could be crocheting.

FYI –  I have a separate spot for my blocking tools.  As we all know from experience they are as needed as often as these other tools.

I hope by sharing this it will give some of you some useful tips in storage of your crochet tools and notions.

Also, if you have something that works for you that you discovered, please share.  Your idea’s could be just the something that someone else needs to hear.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.