If you are looking for a way to organize your craft room, this might not be the post for you.  This will be more about how to organize your yarn stash in a smaller space.  Like everyone else,  I love looking at all the pictures on Instagram of crafter yarn/craft rooms, and it is nice to sit there imagining that I have a whole room for just my crochet items.  

However, in reality I share a 1,008 Square foot Ranch house with my Hubby, and  for me to devote an entire room to my craft would be not only impractical, but downright selfish on my part.  I love my home and it is perfect for two people; but just like all small houses it means you need to be creative in your organizing.  I am going to share with you how I organize my stash in the hopes it might inspire, and help you as you join us  here at “Crochet with Passion” for our first Plan N Organize – Crochet Month.

In just six easy steps we will have your yarn completely grouped, organized and ready for use.

Step 1:  You cannot organize without making a mess.

I know this sounds like the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish, yet the first thing I do when I am organizing my stash is to dump all my yarn in the middle of the floor.  That is the only way I can see what I have. It also gives me a better idea of how to sort and store it.

Step 2:  How am I going to group my yarn?

There are basically two ways to group your yarn; sorting color and/or by type.  For example, I will store all my worst weight yarn in one area.  I personally went this route and decided on yarn type.   Based on the yarn I had -I went with  baby, sport, thread, cotton (dish clothes) and speciality yarns.  I am sure you might have a few I do not have.  Just remember, keep it simple.

Step 3:  Pick a spot.

Decide on where you are going to store your stash.  In my case it is in a corner closet.  I took the time to clean and dust it before I went to putting my yarn in it.

Step 4:  What to use for storage.

I have seen many ways and containers that people use for their yarn.  However, to me the most practical and affordable are the following:  Clear plastic bins, baskets, cubical shelving or an old book shelf.  

I have tried plastic bins in the past, but they were not good for me.  Too much trouble to pull out and look for a skein and I ended up not using my stash like I should have.  In my situation, baskets and cubical shelving work the best for me.

This is when you need to sit down and be honest with yourself, and only buy what will work for you and what would make your yarn easily accessible and within a hands’ reach.

Step 5:  Play around

This is the time when you want to play around with your chosen method of storage in order to see what fits where and what would be the best way to arrange them. This is the moment to be patient and experiment as if you were rearranging furniture.

Step 6:  Start stacking the yarn

As you can see I have a mixture of milk crates – as of this month I had a total of 14.  I would like to replace them over the next year with this 6 shelve Yarn and Craft organizer from Home Creations.  My loving Hubby brought me my first one for Christmas – It is my goal to buy two more by this summer.

One of theses organizers replace four of my milk creates! As an added bonus it has pockets on the side for storage of extra tools or patterns as well.

I then grouped all my yarn according to type and color to make it easier to look for quickly and see what I have and what I need.  This worked for my worst weight, baby and sport yarn.

I then place all my thread in a basket for storage on the upper shelf.  I had to put some of them in freezer bags to keep them tangle free.

Then I took all the balls of yarn left over from past projects and place them in clear plastic bags.  Easy to see and to bring into my living room when I want to crochet a scrap afghan or some other scrap project.  I have one for worst weight and one for sport and baby yarn.

I took all my speciality yarns and placed them in the only tote in my closet and then slid it under my new  Yarn and Craft organizer shelving.  One of the things I really like about this is, the new storage shelves hangs from the rod in my closet, leaving me a little room under it for more storage of my yarn.  It actually increased the storage space I had in my closet.

In the corner,  I only stacked two crates and used the rest of the area for storing my totes.  If you crochet you will be surprised at how fast you accumulate totes.  I weeded out the ones I did not use often and then stored the ones I wanted to keep.

This is a picture of my finished stash closet.  I got the milk creates from a local food pantry that no longer needed them for a small donation.  The New Yarn and Craft organizer shelving was around $18..  The tote and basket I got from yard sales.  The plastic bags I have had for a while, to be honest I do not remember how much they were.  Making the grand total  around $35.00 to organize my entire stash.  

Now keep in mind I plan on buying two more Yarn and Craft organizer shelving pieces, so the price will go up.  But still, it is well within my budget.  

I hope this will help give you some ideas for your own stash and inspire you to get it all organized and ready for use.  Remember your yarn is only as good as what you can get your hands on when needed, and organization is the key to success.

Please share below all the ways you have found to organize your stash. Who knows you might be the one who helps get somebody the one and best way that will work for them.

Please join me for the next post which will be on organizing your crochet tools. 

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.