This month has been one of endings for my family.  

On Saturday my daughter and her family went back to Cape Verde after a wonderful six-week visit.  The visit seemed to go too fast but it helped ease the pain of good bye seeing and knowing that she is very happy and in God’s will for her life.

Then this past Saturday my family said a final goodbye to my Daddy.  We knew he was ill and it could come at any time but it was still hard to say goodbye.  He was 84 years old at the time of his passing and many would say he had a good long life; still  I will miss his wisdom and his steadfastness but most of all I think I’m going to miss just sitting next him watching Andy Griffith, neither of us needing to say a word.  He was a man who’s strength was seen in his silence.  John 14:1-4

Please pray for my mother as she is starting this unexpected chapter in her life.

This month is also our “Plan N Organize Month” here at Crochet with Passion.  In addition to suggestions on organizing your yarn, tools and patterns we will have a few tutorials and this one review.  I am looking forward to getting my own crochet supplies in order.  I am hoping  to help you start the New Year with everything in its place and, better yet, more convenient to get to.  Now for my review:

I have always loved textured stitches, especially in afghans. So a few months ago when I saw “Learn to Crochet a Gansey-Style Afghan” from Annie’s Crafts. online I just had to buy the pattern.  

  • In this class, you’ll learn how to:
  • Create a beautiful gansey-style crocheted afghan
  • Choose the right yarn for your project
  • Work 6 different surface-rich crochet textures
  • Finish off your design with a border
  • Block your project. 
  • (Taken from Annie”s web page description)

Although the instructor, Lena Skvagerson has a thick accent she was still easy to understand.  She explained things in a very simple matter and was very clear with her directions.  The class Skill Level is Intermediate  so I would not suggest this class for a beginner.

I am really enjoying learning the new techniques.  Lena was very encouraging to me as I was working my yarn into these new and interesting stitches.   My favorite part of this beautiful afghan was the edging.  It was a wonderful mixture of post and single crochet stitches.  So if you are a seasoned crocheter looking for a new challenge this might be one you would enjoy.

I need to state  clearly that I am in no way associated with Annie’s and so like any other customer I purchased this class for my own library.

Join me on Thursday as we will learn how to work a star stitch.  

Until then keep those hooks flying.