Have you ever wanted to crochet a pattern but was unable to locate the one you wanted?  Or possibly, like me, you buy the yarn for the new project only to discover you already owned half the same yarn at home.  

Well, if you said yes to these questions than you will want to join us here at Crochet with Passion as we spend this month organizing our patterns,  our yarn and  our tools in an attempt to bring out crocheting time back to a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The way it was intended to be.

In the upcoming month I will be posting suggestions on:

How to organize your yarn stash to make it more accessible,

What to do with unfinished projects that you might have laying around,

How to better organized your patterns, and

How to organize your tools. 

and more….

What New Year Resolutions have you made for your crocheting this year?  If it is like me ; to get your crocheting tools and yarn more accessable, well  than I hope you join me this month.  But today, enjoy the New Year with your families if possible/ Look for upcoming posts that will pack full of idea’s throughout the month of January, and keep those crocheting ideas nearby.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.