As we move into our winter months it just seem like the perfect time to start an afghan.  Especially if you are like me and live in one of the colder states.    Winter time always brings to mind hot chocolate, snow, fireplaces, and a nice warm cozy afghan.  Here at Crochet with Passion it is “Snuggle Month”.  Just think, if you start one now it could be draped across your couch by Christmas – which by the way is only 81 days away.

We all have our favorite things to crochet.  To be honest, crocheting afghans are my favorite yarn projects.   I just love all the different patterns and the way the afghan gradually becomes clearer and more detailed as it lays over my lap.  I just love to watch it grow with every stitch on my hook. 

So this week if there is an afghan that you have been wanting to try, this is the month to get out that pattern and give it a go.  All you have to do is gather up the yarn and find a comfortable chair and start that first stitch.

If you have been keeping up with my posts you know that last month was “Back to School” month. I started my afghan in September from an on line video class titled, “Learn the gansey-style afghan!”  I am really enjoying learning some stitches and revisiting some I already knew. Doing this for the first time.

But as we all know sometimes life just happens and with me,  I had some welcome but unexpected company for nine days which put me a little behind schedule so I will be finishing my afghan this month.  I will be giving a more in depth review on it when I finish.

If you are thinking I couldn’t  finish an afghan in October do not worry, you could finish it November.   Fortunately I arranged September, October, and November where if you wanted you could work on an afghan and still stay within the themes of the months. 

So share below the afghan you plan on crocheting.  Would love to hear about it.  If you like, as we are this close to Christmas you can even chose a holiday one to pull out and enjoy every year.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.