When it comes to September why should the children be the only ones excited about going back to school?   “Back to School” month can be the perfect time for all us crocheting to push our skills to the next level.  While the children are at school or even if they are learning from home, take this time to take a home crocheting class.

There are two ways to accomplish this:

First you can learn from a How to Book.  There are so many Learn How to Crochet books on the market I doubt I even know them all. So it is a great way to learn a new stitch or technique.  For example, if you would to learn more about perfecting the Hairpin lace, you could use this month to crochet as many projects from the learn the hairpin lace book as you can.   Who knows you might even finish the book.  Just think by months end what a master you would be in that stitch.

Secondly, you could do an on line class either from a company or on you tube.  I have opted for Learn to Crochet a Gansey-Style Afghan from Annie’s.   This had the combination I could not resist.  My favorite thing to crochet is afghans and I love working fisherman stitches.  It is just my hubby and me for the holiday, so my plan is to start this project during the course of the day.  There are many on line classes to choose from, a few strokes into your key board will bring you to a wide variety to pick from.

I hope you join us for Crochet with Passion’s,  Back to School month and discover the wonderful feeling of moving to the next level in your crocheting skills.

I would also like to wish you and your family a Happy Labor Day,  make sure to create some happy memories.  

Keep those hooks flying