I received my 2021 Treasury of Crochet Afghans calendar from Herrschners.  I know what you are thinking, it is still August and 2021 is so far away.  I have found over the years that Christmas and January seem to come quickly.  So when I received the post card advertising it in the mail I sent it back quickly.  To be honest I did not even know that Herrschners had a calendar full of crochet patterns, let alone one full of afghan crochet pattens.  With each passing month next year I  will be greeted with a new afghan patterns.  


1.  This might not be an added plus for you, but afghans are my favorite things to crochet.  This calendar has twelve new ones for me to choose from.  I am still trying to decide which is my favorite to put at the top of my crochet bucket list.

2.  This calendar came with a separate pattern book.  This is great because when I want to crochet one of the patterns I will not have to remove my calendar off the wall to do it.

3. The calendar is 11 x 11 inches when closed to help give you an idea of the size.  For  some of us this gives  nice big boxes to write in.

4. It also came with a little pocket calendar (no pattern in it) which would be nice to carry with you.


1.  There was only one con, and it was an unusual one.  You cannot order this anywhere on the internet, (except on ebay where I found 1)  but only through a phone number from Craftway.  800-322-0691.  I talked to both companies and it was confirmed by both.  Craftway is a small company under Herrschners.

So unless you are prone to receive a card in the mail, or just happens to see someone writing about the calendar on the internet you might never know about this it.  

Just in case you are interested – the cost of the calendar and shipping and handling totals to $18.83.  The shipping and handling could vary depending on where you live.

I think I am going to enjoy this product next year. I am looking forward to hanging it in my office near my desk to help inspire me onto new projects in the coming year.

Until next time, keep those flying.