If you are one who would love to join us at Crochet with Passion for our “Small Fry” month, yet really do not have a child to crochet for, might I suggest we think outside the box and maybe reach out to one of the many children who would benefit from having a crocheted item from you.

There are many children who you can reach out to. Some examples to search for one can be found in these suggestions below;

Homeless shelters



Foster children agencies

Hospital’s children wards

These type of agencies always welcome hats and mittens to keep children warm through the long winter months.  There are hundreds of free hats and mitten patterns on the web, and are small projects that crochet up quickly and are easy for most beginners.  

I know there are many national agencies you could find on the web, but I want to focus more on how to reach out to children more in your own community.  But do your research,  so that it goes where you want it to go.

Please feel free to add more ideas in the comments below.

The Farmers Almanac predicts that in my state of Illinois is predicting that the Winter 2020 The northern plains and Great Lakes areas, in general, are forecasted to get the worst of it this winter -with the most frigid temperatures and snowfall in a while.  So if you are also in a state where you have a cold winter prediction ( or its a normal thing) might I suggest hats and mittens.  

Just think, by crocheting a few hats and mittens this month you will not only be partaking in “Small Fry” crochet month, but also showing a child that someone cares.

If hats are not to your liken at the moment, there are always a cute animals that would brighten a child that might be starting the school year in a hospital.  Hospitals can be a lonely places at any time, but especially now with limited visitors allowed in.  Who knows the crocheted animal you give could become a best friend for a sick child.

I know there are many other things you could crochet to reach out to a child, but I just wanted to write this post maybe to help you get started and maybe help to get you thinking on ways you could help.

While I am crocheting for someone else, I try and pray for the person as I crochet for them.  This way I am given two gifts, one in physical and one in prayer lifted up for them.  

If you decide to crochet for a child in your community or nationally ( why not internationally?) by either one of the means I listed or another one, please share.  Do you have any other suggestions besides hats, mittens or animals; please share with us. Help inspire other people to follow in our footsteps to be a caring and pay it forward type of people, shall we?

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.