Wow!  Can you believe we are already starting our third month of Crochet with Passion Theme Months?  Here at Crochet with Passion we have developed a year long fun way to crochet.  We have designed Theme months.  If you join us each month, by the years end we will have seen the opportunity we had to crochet many different items- along with all the various types of crocheting techniques there are in the crocheting world.

In June it was “Carry Along” month and in July we had “Big N Small” month, and we are now moving into August.   I thought with all the children that normally would be getting ready to go school, that this would  be the perfect time to celebrate “Small Fry” month.

This month is dedicated to crocheting anything for a baby or a child.  It can range from clothing, children items, or toys (such as Amigurumi).  Any thing  you would like to crochet except a baby afghan.  That month will be coming up in October for “Snuggle” month.  We are setting a rule that a child is anybody twelve and under. So the let your imaginations go and look around at the nearest young un.  

My main focus this month, in addition to finishing the doily that I started last month, is to crochet a cute little sailor dress that I found in a June 1990 leisure arts publication “Crochet with Heart” magazine.

This will be my second time crocheting it, the first was for a baby shower in 2002 for our Assistant Pastor’s wife.  I have always loved this pattern and I believe every little girl at one time or another should own a sailer dress.

If baby items are not what you would like at this time, do not forget the children.  There are all sorts of things from backpacks, iPad/phone cozy, pencil holder, vest, hair accessories, etc…..  The list is endless.  Even if you do not personally have children of your own, there are your nieces and nephews friends or plan ahead  for the Christmas collection for orphans.  How about the next door neighbor that you are wanting to do something nice for.

Now, let’s say you are  someone who really does not have many children in your circle then maybe you might want to try your hand at  Amigurumi.  With the popularity of it today, there are so many cute patterns out there. You could have cute little animal to sit on your bed.

Whatever you decide, just grab a hook, crochet and enjoy.  This is the perfect month to jump and join us for “Small Fry” month.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.