I am so excited about how this month went.  It has been a while since I crocheted using thread.  Just to review this was Big N Small Month here at Crochet with Passion.  We had a choice of either (or both) crocheting with bulky yarn or thread.  At first I chose thread but couldn’t  resist at the last minute getting one project in using bulky yarn.  

At the beginning of the month I had decided to finally crocheting 6 Sculpture Crochet Ornament Angels .   (I had brought the kit a while back) 

I was blessed with a skill in crocheting but unfortunately I am very good with a glue gun and trimming.  I would like to thank a dear friend of my for helping me finished my Angels.  I do not think they would have looked as nice if I had done the flowers.

In addition to the angels I crocheted two 8 inch doilies.  One I gave to a new bride and the second I turned into a Lacy Bowl.  Although I have known about this for a while it was my first time making one.  I have to say I was thrilled with the results and am always excited about trying anything new in crocheting.

Finally I got a good jump start on crocheting a 27 inch X 43 inch table runner.  I was able to complete 68 of the 170 rows.  I guess I was a little too ambitious; I keep forgetting I am slowing down on my crocheting speed as I am move more and more into my golden years.  I plan on working on this throughout August in addition to some other small projects I have planned.  I am determined to finish this in time to hand it to my Mom for Christmas.

I was going through my yarn stash when I came across six skeins of yarn that were given to me.  It was Bernat Velour in the color of Teinture.  After looking at for a few years and seeing it was a larger yarn, I decided to crochet a scarf with it.  Unable to find a pattern I liked I just used one that I knew and then trimmed it with  two rows of a single crochet.  I was able to use all of the yarn and now I have a pretty scarf for future use.  I love yarn but until we use it,  it is only something laying around my house.

Side note:  As a result of the quarantining  I was able to remove a tote of yarn from my stash that I had used in the past six months! Yay!!!

Although I did not finish everything I wanted, I think it was a pretty good month.  I designed the Crochet Theme Months to cover every type of crocheting in a course of a year.  So this year I was able to work with thread and bulky yarn for July.  

What are some of the projects you did for Big N Small Month?  Always anxious to hear from you.

Until Next month keep those hooks flying.