I started this web page not only for crochet tutorials, tips and tricks, but also to hopefully inspire you to go to new heights on your journey and begin one if you haven’t started one. This is the reason when I write a tutorial I also will try and post a current project I am involved with, that somewhere in it I would be working the stitch.  I want you to be able to envision the stitch in an actual piece.

Around Mothers day my mother asked me how long  it would take to crochet a table doily for a table that sits eight chairs.  Her way of dropping a hint!!  A while back I had started a doily that would be perfect for her dining room, but to be honest I did not like the way it was going.  Some of thread had become spoiled.  So I pulled it apart and started over, and hoping that by months end or soon after, I will have an early Christmas gift I can put away for my Mother.

I will be crocheting the Filet Crochet table runner in the Crochet Master Class pattern book.

In order to add a stitch to the end of every row, I must work a double triple crochet stitch (dtr).  So this is when you run and  get your yarn with a hook and let’s get started.

Double Triple Crochet (dtr)

Chain any amount you desire plus 4 for a turning chain.  This will be your foundation chain.

Step 1:  yo three times, starting with under then around and over.

Step 2:  Step 3:  insert hook into 6 chain of your chain from hook, pull up a loop; (the chain 5 counts as your first dtr.)

Step 2:  YO and pull through 1 loop (leaving 5 loops on your hook)

Step 3: [yo, pull through two loops] three times to complete stitch

Row 2:  

Step 1:  crochet 5 (this is your turning chain and will count as your first stitch) 

Step 2:  skip the first stitch, dtr in second stitch and each stitch till the end.

I hope you love the tall stitches as much as I enjoy working them.  Have you ever used a dtr, please share and help inspire other crocheter’s to follow you.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.