When I first learned to crochet I had no idea how hard some things were. What I mean is that I praise the Lord that I live in a blissful world of ignorance.  Since I did not have any friends that crocheted I never realize that crocheting with thread would be any different than crocheting with yarn.  So in my early days of my hobby I just happily dove into any hook size and project not understanding the difficulties I might encounter.

As time went by and I started teaching I have heard so many students talk themselves out of crocheting with thread fearing it would be more difficult than with yarn. I am here to tell you I get it. The good news is that it  really isn’t.  Think about it, you are using the exact same stitches and techniques as you would with yarn.  And yes, I know what you are thinking.  The hooks are smaller, the thread is thinner, yet all you need to do is approach thread like you did when you first learned to crochet, and tell your self to practice, practice and practice.  

Why should I try crocheting with thread:  

1.  You will never know if you like it unless you try.  This way you will have no regrets.

2. It is always exciting to learn new things in the crocheting world.  To see yourself  develop your knowledge and  learn something different while using the skills you already have.

3. For me,  it just really helped me have more confidence in my crocheting ability.

4. But one of  the biggest reasons is that you might discover it is fun, and it will be the start of a life long love.

5. One of the best reasons for crocheting with thread is that it tends  to be less expensive than crocheting with yarn.  

A few things to know that might help:

Make a comfortable crocheting area:  I make this a general rule. I enjoy crocheting and do not want it to be a stressful experience.  So there are few things I did in setting up my area.

1.  I have a small crochet bag that holds all my tools, and another that holds my project.  

2. Good lighting.  If there is one thing I always try to do is  have good lighting in my crochet area and if I can try to have it by a window.  Once your light is gone, there is no going back.  You are dealing with smaller hooks, stitches and at times graphs and charts.   As far as I am concerned good lighting is just as important as good yarn when it comes to my crochet area.

3. A small basket to put my yarn scraps in.  This helps with clean up later.

4. A small table to hold things and my water bottle.

5. A comfortable chair and foot stool.  

The hook and thread sizes:  Steel hooks range from US sizes 00 – 14.  Also with the steel hooks the larger the number the smaller the hooks.  Making the 00 the largest and 14 the smallest.  

Side note:  something I just learned in the last few years, was that some of the aluminum hooks are the same as the steel as far as size.

E is the same as 00

D is the same as 0

C is the same as 1

B is the same as 2 

Consider investing in Ergonomic hooks:  Once you have determined that you enjoyed crocheting with thread I would suggest you think about investing in ergonomic hooks.  With the larger hooks it is a personal decision, but the steel hooks are a lot smaller and I can tell you from experience that it tends to be harder on the hands.  If there was one regret I had in my crocheting journey, it is that I wish I would have gotten the steel ergonomics about ten years earlier than I did.  

Your tension; When I crochet as a general rule I tend to crochet tighter with thread then I do with yarn.   You want it tight enough not to be loose but not so tight that your hands hurt and you find that you cannot work easily into the stitches.  Over time you will learn a balance that works best for you.

If this is your first time using thread:  I suggest for your first project that you might want to pick a smaller beginning project even if you have been crocheting for many years. This will help take away the pressure that sometimes comes with larger projects and with more difficult stitches.  Also I would suggest starting with white, just until you are comfortable and crocheting with size 10 for your first project.

I hope this was a help to you, and will encourage you to at least try thread crocheting.

This being our Big N Small crochet month, it will be the perfect time to try crocheting with steel hooks.  Would love to hear what you think about this new and exciting part of the world of crocheting – with thread.

Until next time keep those hooks flying.