Can you believe half the year is gone?   I confess the first six months were not the months I was envisioning on New Year’s day, but I am determined to make the most out of the last six months.  

That being said, July is our Big N Small crochet month.  This means you can pick any project using thread or bulky yarn.  In others words, we have the choice to get out either our steel hooks or our larger jiffy hooks for our projects this month.

Now, at the beginning of the month,  is the time to be looking for a new and exciting project.  First you need to decide if you would like to crochet big or small.  If you decide on small, like I did, then you will be crocheting using a steel hook size somewhere from 1-14 and any size thread.  If you decide to crochet using bulky yarn then you will be crocheting using the larger hooks, somewhere from K -Y and then  picking your favorite bulky yarn, which is any yarn numbered 5 or 6.    

I decided to go small with some thread projects this year.  At Christmas my hubby brought me a set of Clover Amour steel hooks, that sadly I have not gotten much use of yet.  I am anxious to see what they can do.   I started off my month yesterday by crocheting this small 8 inch doily.  It was a small and quick project that I thought was so pretty.  I thought it was a perfect project to jump kick July.

Then when I started looking for a project for the month, I come across this kit I had bought at a thrift store in Peru, Illinois.  It was only 75 cents.  I was so excited when I found it so I am a bit embarrassed to admit is was a few years ago. So I have decided to start my month with this kit;  The Sculpture Crochet Ornament Angel.  The kit has enough material to complete 6 angels.  I am thinking  it will be perfect for small gifts at Christmas.  Looking at 2020 so far, no reason waiting for the last minute, the Holidays will be here before I know it.  If I finish them I will see where the month leads for the time to look at other possible projects.

Are you still having trouble making up your mind?   If time permits, choose one of each kind.  Then you will the enjoy the pleasure of both.  What ever you decide, just have fun and enjoy your crochet journey as we drive into July with our Big N Small crochet month.  Looking forward to hearing what projects you have created. 

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.