I have so thoroughly enjoyed our first theme month; On the Go!  By purposely planning ahead I finished two projects this month, one at home and one when I was out and about.  

I know we  all are limited at this time for going outside, however for mine and my Hubby’s  25th Wedding Anniversary we decided to take a few days and go away to a secluded cabin.  This gave me several opportunities to crochet on the on the go….

As a result I was able to finish a lovely double two sided hot holder using some cotton yarn I had laying around the house.  The hot pad was crocheted using sc and fbdc.  It was a very easy pattern that could be done while enjoying my hubby’s company.

Every year I look for a calendar full of crochet patterns, this year was Crochet in a Weekend.  I love all but one of the patterns and was planning on trying to crochet them all.   I am off to a bad start being in the six month -and only have crocheted three of the patterns. However, I found the hot pad pattern here.  

While at home I had time to finish a gift for an upcoming wedding.  

The Fourth of July Fanfare Afghan is one of many found in the “Afghans for all Seasons” crochet afghan book.  As matter of fact, this is my second time crocheting this afghan, the first was for a dear friend’s birthday.  This pattern is so much fun with a repeating pattern of fptr, hdc, and the reverse half double.  I always thought this afghan was stunning, I am  just hoping the new bride to be will like it as much as I do.

And so ends the first Crochet Theme month, already looking for projects for next month which is our Big N Small Month.  We can pick projects using either thread or Bulky yarn. We will talk more in detail on our next post.  

Did you participate in this month’s theme? Would love to hear about your on the go projects, please share.   I love to hear about what others crocheter’s are doing, it always encourages and inspires me and others.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.