I have  loved my Susan Bates hooks from the very start, they are the hooks that I made my first crochet stitch with.  It was like almost leaving an old friend behind.  I can still remember holding an H crochet hook and crocheting  my project which was a dish cloth.  So when I when I considered buying some new crochet hooks it was not an impulsive spur of the moment decision.  It was brought on by more of a health one,  where my age and hands were gently pushing me toward a change.  I was beginning to notice after long sessions of crocheting that my hands were beginning to hurt.  Not a lot, but enough to get my attention.  So I decided to move on by obtaining crochet hooks with larger, more comfortable handles.

I have been using Susan Bates Aluminum crochet hooks for thirty-five years now and have always prided myself on the fact that up until last Christmas I had never brought the same sized hook twice.  My thinking was, if I took care of my hooks- that would give me money for yarn. But, regretfully its coming to an end.

After some research and reading a lot of reviews I decided on Clover Amour Crochet hooks.  I have been using them since Christmas and would like to share my experience with them. Although this has nothing to do with how they crochet, I do want to mention how much  I love the bright, eye catching colors.  Once I have all the colors matched to the sizes it will so quick to grab the right hook and get started. That will be a delight.

From a novice view point, I can tell you after a few months of crocheting with the Amour hooks the hand pain has subsided and I can now crochet for the longer periods I have become accustomed to over the years.  This point alone for me,  has made it worth buying the hooks.   I can definitely notice a huge difference in my fingers, still if I crochet a long time I will notice a slight wrist discomfort but nothing like before.

I have had no problem with my yarn splitting when I crochet, like some hooks can do.

When it comes to the matter of using the steel hooks for lace, as far as I can tell the hook goes all the way back into the handle.


After using only Susan Bates hooks I had to make some adjustments for the Clover hooks.  The  Clover is slightly tapered where the Susan Bates is straight.  Also the throat of the Susan Bates is deep and the top of the hook is more pointed, which is something I liked and to be honest with the new hooks it took a few weeks for me to adjust my crocheting style.  

I read in one of the reviews that these hook were closer to Susan Bates than Boyle hooks, so I was thinking they would be easier to get to.   I guess they were right because after a few weeks I was crocheting with no problem.

The Amour crochet hooks are in Japanese sizes.  This was only a huge difference with me on the steel hooks.  I started looking at the mm. size instead of the number size on each hook to use.

Once I knew which hook was comparable to the U.S. crochet hook sizes, I took a permanent marker and wrote in the size on the correct hook I was used to seeing it.

Time will tell

I have been using the Amour crochet hooks for a little over six months, so some things will only be shown in time.  One of which is how well the rubber on the handles will wear, which so far it seems to be holding up, and I am not experiencing any sticking to my hand in the hotter weather.

The Sizes I have found are as follows:

The steel hook sizes are 0/1.75mm, 2/1.50mm, 4/1.25mm, 6/1.00mm, 8/0.90mm, 10/0.75mm, 12/0.60mm.

The sizes of the standard sizes are B-2.25mm, C-2.75mm, D-3.25mm, E-3.50mm, F-3.75mm, G-4.00mm, 7-4.50mm, H-5.00mm, I-5.50mm, and J-6.00mm.

The Jumbo sizes are  K – 6.5 mm , 7.0 mm , L – 8.0 mm , M/N – 9.0 mm, N/P-10.0 mm

12.0 mm, P/Q – 15.0 mm

I am two hooks away from having all of my older Susan Bates replaced with the ergonomic ones.

I am very happy with the Amour Crochet Hooks and without hesitation recommend them.  However, keep in mind I do not have any problems with arthritis.  If you are interested in trying these hooks I would suggest you buy just one hook to try them out, before investing in the whole set.  And stores like JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby have coupons to help make these hooks much more affordable.  

Has any one had any experience with the Amour crochet hooks, or advice ? Would love to hear added input if you would like to share.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.