If there is one thing I have learned in my 56 years upon this earth it is-there is nothing more contagious than to be in earnest excitement about something. Like the feelings you spot in those being in love for the first time, whether in a person, place or thing.

When I think back to when I was in my early thirties I took my crocheting with me everywhere.  If you came across me when I was out and about it would not be unusual to see me with a bag at my feet and a hook in my hand. Whether I was at a little league game or sitting at a Christmas party during a white elephant gift exchange, I would always have a project to work on.

Why? Because I was doing what I enjoyed and loved.  I was unaware of  that I was also showing was what a fun and wonderful craft crocheting was to an onlooker. I did not realize was I was creating an interest and desire in others to learn. Albeit it was subtle, but I began to be questioned and spoken to enough, that shortly after I taught my first crochet class. That is when God started me on a journey that has shown me the blessing that “ It is better to give than to receive” by passing on my crochet passion to others.  If there is one thing I learned as a teacher, you will never teach effectively what you do not enjoy.

Crocheting has not only made my life healthier by being a main stress reliever, but it has also enabled me to see the joy of many of my good friends faces as they received a homemade gift.  My teaching has also given me the pleasure of seeing others develop a life long skill that helps them to do the same.  

Today marks our halfway point for our “On the Go” crochet month.  That means there is still time to take your project along with you today and enjoy the art of crocheting yourself.   Who knows who will be watching and you will  inspire?  

Until next time keep those hooks flying.