A few years ago after seeing the countless unfinished projects tucked in different corners around my house, I decided from that moment on to never work more than three projects at a time.  After that the first thing I did was either finish the project or take it apart and repurpose the yarn.

Once I no longer had any projects laying around, to prevent it from happening again, I limited myself to three projects, one advance and two what I like to call no thinkers.  I found that three yarn bags helped me solve the problem, and stay organized.  I never start another project until one of the three is completed.

That being said, today I am going to talk abut my smallest bag, a yarn drum mini. (ArtBin Mini Yarn Drum knitting and crochet tote bag, Periwinkle 6832AG) The bag can easily be found on Amazon or at JoAnn’s.  I wanted a bag that could easily fit at my feet on long car rides, and also one that is easy to carry for my on the go crocheting projects.  And since June is our Carry Along Crochet month theme, I thought I could share with you  how to prepare your own “go to” bag, to assist you towards finishing projects successfully. 

I have discovered over the years the yarn bags are like a diaper bags. If you do not prepare ahead of time, you will find at a very inconvenient time that you do not have all the tools you need to make things easier. There is always something you left at home.  So this is the time, early on in the month,  that we are going to pack you a bag, and set it by the door all ready to grab on the way out.

This Friday my hubby and I are taking a small car trip.  This is the time for me to get my bag ready before trying to remember all the last minutes things we are going to need for a fun time, as well as my yarn time. Perfect time for memory loss for us old timers. The prepared bag obviously is one less thing to do.

First  I decide on a small project and you really want to look for a simple pattern here, requiring no more than one or two colors.  After all you are going to be in the car with someone and you do not want to be rude by constantly saying, “shhh….I am trying to figure this out,” or seemingly ignoring them.  If it is a new pattern I usually work the first two or three rows at home in order to make sure I know what I am doing before I leave the house.

I have decided to crochet a hot pad this month.  I love the pattern in this one, and blue is my favorite color, so I copied the pattern and have it neatly folded in the front of my tote. And with this pattern after the first three rows, it is  just a repeat of the pattern making it perfect for on the go.  

Secondly, I want to look at my supply list. This includes the yarn needed for the pattern and any tools I might need so I can finish the desired project.  After all this is a small project, it should easily be crocheted in one day.

In my bag I will need,  two different colors of cotton yarn, a few stitch markers, a yarn needle and scissors.  I do not like to carry scissors in the car- too much potential for mishaps.  I instead carry a yarn cutter.  I bought the Clover Yarn Cutter Pendant when I was shopping at JoAnn’s for around $7.00.   I crochet a chain, slip it through the top opening and it hangs around my neck.  That way, I never have to look through my bag for scissors, or worry about losing them while I am out.

One you have all the material for the project and the pattern;  just place everything in the bag and then place it by your door.  Right next to your handbag, and then just grab both next time you are leaving.

The trick is to have another project to work at home, after all this is for outside the house.  Do not touch the bag until you are ready to crochet on the go.

I know this helps get some small things done. Please share some of the things that have help you crochet on the go?  Would love to hear about your experiences.  I have learned over the years the best way to learn- is from other crocheter’s. 

Until next time, keep those hooks flying!