Are you all as excited as I am, this is our first Theme Month, June is “Carry Along” projects.  I know this year might be a little different, but June is traditionally a month that is  an “on the go” month for most people.  Between schools end,  little league, walks, picnics, and family holidays we tend to spend more time outside or traveling  in our cars than at other times.

So this is the month I want you to pick a small project with repetetive pattern.    Because the pattern repeats itself, you will not have to constantly be looking at the pattern to see what to stitch next – making these easy projects to crochet on the go.   Since the project is small, do not forget to check your stash before buying new yarn.

If I might, I would suggest projects like dish cloths, scarfs, cowls, or granny squares which are always great ideas for on the go.  Anything that can be easily carried with a repeating pattern or a single stitch works perfectly.

How to Prepare to Succeed

The last thing you will want to do is gather up your crochet items as you are leaving so I would suggest you have two projects; a larger one for home,  and a smaller one for on the go.  Get a small crochet bag, and place everything you need inside to complete a project and then set it by your door.  That way you can just grab and go.

I personally  have two crochet bags that I find ideal to carry along when I am on the go.  The first is for when I attended sporting events, it is a BAGAIL NFL and PGA Stadium Approved Clear Tote Bag with Zipper Closure Crossbody Messenger Shoulder Bag with Adjustable Strap.  (Found on Amazon) it measure 12 inches square and was only $5.99 at the time of purchase.  

The second is an Art Bin mini which is small and just right  for a  portable tote. It is just the right size to hold one skein of yarn comes and with a mesh pocket that I find useful for holding a pattern, my hooks and other small tools.

If you do not have a yarn bag, take two groceries shopping bags and place one inside the other, this is just the right size to carry.   By doubling the bags, there is less chance of the bag ripping and losing some of your tools. Really though,  any tote will do, as long as everything is ready to go when you leave.

Mark Your Calendars:  

Just a heads up, on Saturday, June 13, (everything is subject to change this year) is Crochet/Knit in public day.  A day which is set aside for those who choose, to crochet in public and share your love of crocheting with others.  We will talk more about this later this month.

As the month progresses I will be sharing what I am crocheting as well as looking forward to seeing what you have decided on.  Just remember it needs to be small, with a repetetive pattern that doesn’t boggle your mind.

I would love to share your projects on Facebook to help inspire others and show off your handy work.  Just share them @crochetingwithpassion on Facebook.  Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful “carry along” projects.

Until next time keep those hooks flying.