I love to help inspire new and old crocheter’s along their crocheting journey.  With this spirit in mind I have designed  a new plan that will follow certain crochet themes each month for a year.  This is a fun way to find just the right project for each season. 

Earlier this month I wrote down every possible crochet project I could and then assigned a month for each one.  As we travel through the next year I will be writing and explaining more in detail about each project for that corresponding month .  I am hoping you are as excited about this new direction for Crochet with Passion as I am!!!  I really believe it will not only motivate us toward new crochet adventures but also will help you will achieve new skills in crocheting.  Not to mention, it will be fun and enjoyable as well.

The Theme Months will be as follow:  

On June 1,  I will be launching my first month which is “Carry Along” month.  And yes, I know it is the middle of the year, but I was so excited and eager to tell you all about this that I did not want to wait until January! 

Every month in addition to our theme for the month, I will also posting tutorials, reviews, tips and tricks and sharing my crochet projects.  You can look for a post every Monday and Thursday.   Be sure to follow Crochet with Passion by email, Facebook or twitter so that you do not miss a single post and can join us as we crochet through each theme monthly.

To go along with the new platform my sister from Nay’s Kitchen, helped me design a whole new look for my web sight.  I would like to thank her so much, for I am not tech savvy enough to have done it without her help.

Would love to hear what you think about this new way to help choose your crochet projects throughout the year 2020.  

Be sure and look for our first post on Monday June 1 when we will be launching our first theme month “Carry Along”.

Until next time keep those hooks flying.