While COVID-19 certainly put an end to all of our usual fun spring activities, we have been making new memories together as a family and honestly, I wouldn’t trade this time for the anything in the world!  

It has been a blessing in disguise. Although I really wish it wasn’t something like a pandemic to make this happen!  However, not only am I spending more time with hubby, I am also finding more time to enjoy my favorite pastime, crocheting and cooking.

 In Illinois we are under a Stay at Home order now for 62 days.  I am a home body and so for me, I have enjoyed this extra time. Or if you are more like my mother, who is more of a people person and socially active, this situation  might be a little harder to endure.

I have read the countless stories of people and what they are doing at home to help pass the time.  I have heard of everything from spring cleaning to reading book, that been laying around the house for a while.  I even know of one person who is organizing her digital pictures.  (Now for me that would be a big job).  And while all of these are great things I would like to suggest taking some time to enjoy my favorite craft, crocheting.

These are some suggestions of how to incorporate crocheting in to our quarantine time. I am sure you all can add to my list.

1. This is a perfect time to just crochet a pattern you have been wanting to do, or even push yourself to advance in your crocheting skills.

2. Is there a new stitch you have wanting to learn? Either from written instructions, or, to You Tube this is the perfect time to sit down and enjoy the challenge of learning a new stitch that has been eluding you.  You Tube does have some good tutorials.  

3. Or maybe you would like to pick up that unfinished project that has been laying around for months and crochet it into a finished project.  You could even start a new one. 

4. I am taking an online class on Tunisian crochet, there are so many out there now days.  When I was learning to crochet it was before the internet.  We either learned from books or when fortunate enough to have someone show us.  This struggle I had early in my crocheting journey is one of the reasons I got into teaching. 

5. A few months ago, I took a crochet pattern book of hats and crocheted my way through it in about two weeks.  You could have a good old fashion crochet marathon!  By the end of the two weeks I had 12 hats to show for my efforts. I become very good  at crocheting hats at the same time.  I would advise you to pick a book where each project is only one skien.  

6. With the children at home and all activities postponed, this could be a wonderful opportunity to introduce your children into the wonderful world of  crocheting.  Depending on their age you could do either finger crocheting or if they are older, start with a hook.  

7. I know this one is not as fun as crocheting, and it might fall under spring cleaning,  but there is always organizing you yarn stash.  What better way to get inspired to crochet than to go through the yarn you have on hand.  

 8. Lastly, if you have a large stash, this might be the perfect time to make a beautiful scrap afghan.  I know by our home- JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby are still closed, so buying new yarn can be a challenge.  That makes this the perfect time to use up some of the yarn you might have laying around.  Thus making more room for some new yarn when this is all over. 

Instead of thinking “I have to stay home,” enjoy the blessing of having more time to stay home and do the things you always wanted to do, with your craft.  Maybe you have some suggestions, please share.  

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.