With every New Year I always get the cleaning and organizing bug.  At the beginning of December I was going through my stash and knew I needed to look for some projects that would help deplete my pile a little.

I thought it might be fun to pick a book and have a good old fashion crochet marathon.   I found a pattern book on Messy Bun Hats. This was perfect since each hat used one skein each. I  grabbed my hook and got busy. To my delight I not only used ten skeins of yarn but I now have eleven hair friendly hats to show my efforts.

(I crocheted two each of the hairbands, since they did not take much yarn.)

I do not think I would like to do this all the time however since sometimes I enjoy crocheting scrap afghans.  However, I believe I will do this once or twice a year for its benefits;

   – I crocheted through all the patterns I wanted in my new pattern book within a couple   

      of weeks.

   – I use some yarn laying around and made them into some beautiful hats

   – It helped me to relax and get rid of all that holiday stress.

   – two of the hats went as gifts to my grandchildren 

     it gave me some needed experience with crocheting hats

If you find yourself with some mixed matched yarn you would like to use then find a book full of one skien projects and grab your hooks.  Just a thought.

On a side note, I would like to share a memory from one of my grandchildren.  A few years ago my daughter asked me to crochet animals for my grandchildren.  

My six year old granddaughter loved her fox, pig and frog.  Two years later she is still playing with them.  Below you will find two portraits that she draw of them.

I might be a little prejudiced but I thought she did a really good job.  I was so pleased to hear that she loved them so much.  You will never really know how much your handmade gifts might mean to someone.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.