With the start of the New Year it brings to our mind all the new possibilities that 2020 can hold.  January 1 is not only a holiday day but it is also the start of National Hobby Month.  That makes today the perfect day to pick up a new hobby, such as crocheting; or get back into an old hobby you have have laid aside.

The great thing about crocheting for me is that it helps to take my mind off the pressure of work and other stressful daily responsibilities that pop up.

Today, if you are one to sit down and make your New Year Resolutions, do not forget to include your crocheting.  Is there a new stitch you would like to learn, or a technique you would like to try?  

I have decided to do theme months, to try to improve on one thing each month.  This month was kind of decided for me.  My crocheting/knit club  members and I are crocheting newborn hats to donate to our local hospital.  So I have decide to improve on my hat making this month.  

I have signed up for a on line class in hat making.  I am excited about this for two reason.  First, most hats take one or two skeins of yarn, which means I can use up my stash.  Secondly, I really enjoy making hats and would like to become more efficient at it. 

January is hat month for me.  Is there something  you would  like to become better at making?  Please share, you might inspire me or someone else for the next eleven months.

Until next time, Have a Happy New Year and  keep those hooks flying.