I am sitting here looking at the calendar in unbelief! It is already less than a week before Christmas.  At the beginning of the month there were so many projects I wanted to have done by the months end, but the month turned into more of a baking one for me.  I have been baking a lot of breads and cakes lately.  


However, I am determined not to let the season pass without crocheting at least one new Christmas ornament.   I also wanted something that reminded me of my grandchildren.  That when I saw the candy cane.  I’m not sure how your grandchildren are about candy canes but mine look forward to seeing them on the tree ever year.  

They know that on Christmas Eve when we open gifts they will all get to pick one to eat and enjoy.   I believe in surrounding myself with happy memories.  This is a nice memory reminder for us to enjoy.

I found a pattern for small candy canes and wreaths on “Repeat Crafter Me” web sight.  I am including the link for the pattern and the video to make them. 

Candy Cane Pattern

So if you are looking for a quick project to help bring  more of the Christmas season to your house, this could  be a project you have been looking for.  

I made a candy cane in under 15 minutes.  The pattern is well written and easy to follow.  There was even a helpful video to help you over the harder parts.

Why not this be the year that you start a tradition by crocheting and adding a new ornament to your tree each year.

Merry Christmas, and remember keep those hooks flying.

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