After six years of receiving kits from “Annie’s Hook & Needle” club I have decided to try another direction .  I have enjoyed my time and the many kits over the years very much.  But I wanted to move on to another adventure called “The Block of the Month” club.  Which I have received and finished crocheting as you well know from my previous reviews. 

So although this was my last kit that I received it will not be my last review.  There are 10 kits I have not written reviews for.  

The Cozy Slipper Sock kit came with two skeins of blue and one gray, bulky (chucky) weight acrylic /wool yarn.  And two patterns – one in crocheting and one in knitting for making the slippers.  This is a good pattern for a beginning crocheter who is looking for a little bit of a challenge.

As with all of Annie’s kits you will provide a few of your own tools, with this kit it will be a size L hook and a tapestry needle.  But what will make this kit stand out in my memory was it was one of the few kits that I got to use my pom pom makers with.

Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 10.07.53 PM

The pattern was an easy level pattern that allows you to choose between small, medium or large for crocheting one pair of slippers.   In addition to the chain stitch, the half double crochet  you will need to know the specialty stitch half double join, or decrease (called both in pattern).  Just make sure to gauge correctly as size is very important.  

I really loved the look and feel of the yarn.  It was very easy to work with and washed up really good after use of the slippers.  The one think I believe the pattern is lacking is that it told you to attach the pom pom but really had no directions on how to make them.  It just assumed that you will know how.  I wish their was an insert on how to make the embellishments. I like to see directions for every part of a project to help me finish it successful.


Tip:  When I am crocheting from a pattern that has different sizes, I will take a highlighter and highlight the numbers that pertain to me for crocheting that size.  For example I crocheted the medium, so I highlighted all the second numbers in the pattern. (above) This not only keeps me from making mistakes, it also makes it easier and more enjoyable.  If I decided to go back and crochet a different size, I just use a different color highlighter.

With all of that being said I am rating this kit a 8.  Losing one point because the yarn that I really liked came in unmarked labels and one point for the assumption that you already had the knowledge of pompom making.  Also, under special stitches they have a Hdc -join, but in the pattern they call it hdc dec. 

Are you in the Annie’s hook & Needle club and if so, how many kits have you received?  Would love to hear where you are at in your journey.

In my next post I will be writing a tutorial on making Pom Pom’s. 

Until Thursday, keep those hooks flying.