If crocheting is still new to you and you looking for something a little more challenging  than dish cloths or pot holders.   The “Leisure Arts Car Seat Blankets” crochet pattern book might be what you are looking for.


I brought this book at the suggestion of my daughter who has five children and shared with me that she would love one or two herself . Being the good mother I am, I bought the book that day.

Once I started looking through the book and worked the first two blankets the teacher in me noticed how nice these would be for a beginner crocheter. There is a total of eight patterns and they are all marked easy and so far they have been easy to read.


I have crocheted the alternating blocks blanket (above) using yellow baby yarn and the Leaf  Stitch (below) blanket using white worst weight yarn.  All the yarn from my stash (which was an added bonus for me) and both projects were enjoyable and relaxing to work.


I am planing on crocheting the next 6 using worst weight yarn just because I live in Illinois and there is more of a demand for the heavier blankets.  They are all around the size of a lap afghan, so they work up in a day or two.  Which makes this a “go to” for a last minute shower gift.

What are some projects you would suggest to a new crocheter, or someone who is looking for a small project? 

Until Thursday, keep those hooks flying.