I am now in what some like to call the golden years of life. With my retired hubby now at home the last few years, we started looking for avenues to turn my hobby and love of crocheting into a more of a business.  I have dabbled in things here and there,  but honestly I have only taken a passing interest in making it profitable the last few years for some reason.

So I decided to take what I was doing and work it more consistently and with a more hands on approach, for example the social media aspect part of it. For example, I may add few more things  to my approach that I have not been doing and see what happens by the end of 2020.

I did not want to put all my eggs into one basket.  Rather, I chose to divide my attention into four area’s that I think would be something I could work at and with a lot prayer and hard work grow into a business.

The first was obvious:  Craft Fairs and Online Sales

There was a time a long ago when I was on the craft fair circuits, but as life happened if fell more and more into the background.  Then one day I was out of it completely, now I am finding myself wanting to get back into it.  But I also know I do not really have the stock built up enough to really to sell enough to be worth it.  So I am busy crocheting and seeing my stock build with each passing day.  It is my goal to have a large stock for next spring.  In the meantime, I am also compiling a list of fairs with phone numbers for the future.

Meanwhile I am exploring avenues to sell  things on line to help me out through the winter until  the fairs arrive in the spring.  

Secondly, teaching: 

I have been teaching crocheting for over twenty years, and there was a time when I was really putting forth more of an effort than I am now.  So I decided to have a more hands on attitude toward advertising for my class and get the word out there better. There was a time when I had full classes, and I would like to work up to that again.

The last few years I have just been leaving the advertising up to the college, but lately I have not only been posting online about it more, I also intend to submit pictures to the local paper with my students showing their finished projects.  It is also my intention to hang up more flyers.    


When people come across a family crochet treasure that has seen better days, I have been very successful at repairing them. 


Up to this point I have just been dabbling with my blogging.  I have made some success, but I have not been working it as consistently as I should.  The first few years I posted faithfully, but as the years went by – not so much.  

I have decided to post every Monday and Thursday at 8:00 am.  My plan is going to be to do product reviews, either of tools, yarn, kits or classes.  I am also going to post tutorials and specialty topics that crocheters’ will find interesting.  Pretty much, do what I have been doing, just on a more faithful time schedule.


My hubby also attended a class at the college I teach at on blogging.  I now know some avenues to make money from my blog.  I have decided the first thing I needed to do was to add some value to my web sight by looking into some affiliate programs and applying to the companies.

Lastly I would like to add some tips that I have decided to try:

1.  If you are serious about having a business the first thing you must do is schedule time for office hours.  In my life, if  it is not scheduled it will not get done.  So I scheduled computer time and crochet time.

2. I have decided to faithfully respond to comments on my blog within 24 hours Monday through Friday.  I want people to comment, I need to respect the time and effort it took them to do so.

3. I need to take my time and do my very best on my crocheting.  Do not sell what I am not 100% happy with.

Would love to hear about some of your experiences with your efforts in trying to earn money crocheting.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.