Since I personally declared August anti-Procrastination Month this year –  which means I am to choose an unfinished crochet project. It really helped motivate me to work on my afghan.  Admittedly it certainly has been a challenging month to keep focused on the project at hand, but I am now looking all thirty blocks before me.

If you could not join me this month to finish a project and you are looking at several WIP – then I would suggest you pick another month to crochet your way to a completed project.  There is nothing more exciting to a crocheter then to hold a finished project in your hands.

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As for Kit 10 in the Annie’s Crochet Afghan Block of the Month club – it came with one tutorial DVD, one pattern booklet with instructions for the last three blocks , and two cream colored  skeins of Deborah Norville – Everyday Soft Worsted Solid Yarn, by Premier.

The final three blocks in this kit were a mixture of one easy and two intermediate patterns.   I really appreciated  a challenging finish for our ten months of kits.  


Block 28 was our easy block.  I have actually made this pattern before when making a dishcloth.  It was a simple pattern using sc and ch stitches.


With 28 being the easy block, that will make the last two blocks, the intermediate ones.  This one was a more lacy block and was actually a new stitch for me.  The block taught me the Y stitch.  So this was exciting for me.  I always love learning new stitches.


Block 30 is for all of you that wanted to learn how to  crochet cables.  This will give you some hands on experience using this techquine.   I have always loved fisherman afghans and sweaters so this was a nice enjoyable finish for me.

All that is left now is to arrange the blocks in order, whip stitch them together and then crochet the seven round border.  I know if I do not finish in the month of August I will have it done within the first few weeks of September.  The important thing is that it will be a completed project and no longer a work in process. YAY!!!

I am reposting my earlier tips and am trying to add one more to the list each month.

1. Make sure you keep all unused yarn, as it will be needed to finish afghan.

2. I like to keep my squares in 1 gallon zip lock bags. A year is a long time and I do not want to lose one of the blocks, or get them dirty. You can fit 6 in each bag with plenty of room to spare. Also this way I can keep them in order.

3. If you are someone who is trying to learn to read crochet patterns. This is a good club. In the DVD they take you through the pattern, row by row. First they explain what to do, and then they demonstrate what the instructions are saying.

4. When you are ready to work the edging always remember, that no matter what hook you use to work your block, always work the edging in a H hook.

5. If you had to use a different hook to obtain the desired gauge or size, make sure you write it down next to the instructions. This way if you want to crochet it again, you will already know which hook to use.

6. Take the time to gauge your works. There are not words to describe the disappointment you will feel at the end of the 24 blocks when your blocks lay before you in all different sizes. It is important to remember that gauging a project takes far less time than reworking one.

7. Annie’s seems to being using this club for building steps, since each block and its stitches build upon the previous. I would suggest that you work these blocks in order for best results.

8. The DVD tutorial is helping in developing good habits, make sure you take advantage of them.  For example, counting at the end of each row and using stitch holders.

9. In one of the comments a lady shared that with her own yarn she has been crocheting additional blocks.  If you have the time and yarn I think this is a great idea.  Not only does this reinforce what she has been learning, when she is done she will have an extra matching afghan to give to her son.

10.  Now that I am looking at the end of my afghan, I wish I had started blocking the squares sooner instead of waiting for kit 11 and the blocking board.  You may want to plan ahead. 

With a seven rounds on the edging I know I am still looking at some work, but I can now see the end of the tunnel.  I am so looking forward to seeing this draped across my bed.

Whether you have finished or are still working on your afghan, what are your plans for when you are done?  Would love to hear any of your ideas.C ~

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.