A few months ago I was given 6 hat boxes that I immediately envisioned would be perfect for holding either an unfinished project that I had or, possible future projects that I could store in a single place.  The boxes looked nice in my living room, they were decorative unlike baskets or bags filled with yarn would.  And each box not only held the pattern, but all the yarn and notions that I need to finish the project.   

The good thing was they were all organized in a spot for easy reaching to grab and complete. Perfect, since the bad thing for me is, sometimes out of sight out of mind.  It was so easy for me to move onto a new project and tackle that new adventure, rather than reach for one that I had already abandoned.  August is a great month for me, as a crocheter I begin to see it as the end of the summer soon, and before too long I will start thinking of all those Christmas projects I may wind up doing.  

So I decided to take the bull by the horns (so to speak) and decreed that every August at least for me, will be a time that I would make sure I picked one discarded project,  take hook and yarn in hand, and tackle and finish it within the month if it all possible.  

I have decided to finish the block of the month, not having finished the last seven squares. Even if it runs into the first few weeks of September, at least I would have a beautiful crocheted afghan to display through the upcoming holiday season.

In closing, for me there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when you hold a completed project in your hands, and nothing more discouraging than to have an uncompleted one laying around.  It is my hope you will join me in this challenge.

Please join in declaring August of 2019 Anti-Procrastination Month For Unfinished Crocheting Projects.   Please in the comments below share your goal, and as the month progresses, your progress as it certainly encourages others to stay motivated.

Will be posting early next week regarding a lap afghan that I had completed in July- with a tutorial on the stitch that I used.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.