For some unexplained reasons this post was deleted so I am reposting alone with my new one this morning….

My first project completed in 2019 was Dazzleaire V-Stitch Throw, even though I started it last year.  Wow!  That seems longer than a few weeks when I say it that way.  The  best part for me ? It is completely made from yarn that was in my stash.  

I have had the pattern for a really long time, just sitting in my notebook of afghan patterns waiting to catch my eye. I also had the wonderful combinations of yarn and a crochet hook that turned it into a beautiful afghan.  The first afghan, by the way, that I will put aside for the upcoming Bazaar in July. 

I know this is things you already do, but I would like to share that I always tell my students that they should keep all the patterns that they come across, even if it is not something they think they will ever do.  There are several reasons I encourage them to do this.

Note:  I am including a link here on how I organized and keep my patterns for easy access.  Because if we are honest, we will not use anything we cannot not find. (Organizing Crochet Patterns)

The first reason you should keep patterns is that our skills level are always changing.  Crocheting, as with any thing we do in life,  the more you work it -the better you become at it.  As your skill improves and your confidence rises so will your taste in patterns change.  The patterns and stitches you once thought beyond your reach will now become more attainable.

Secondly, Just because it is not your taste, does not mean it would not be the perfect item as a gift for a friend.  We all have friends whose tastes are the complete opposite of ours. 

And lastly, for inspiration.  We will all come to a day when we will want to crochet a new project, but don’t know what.  This is when looking through patterns can be just the thing to get our juices stirring and the desire going to make us run to the nearest yarn store.

I am including the afghan pattern since it was on the back of a yarn label (and the fact that I also found it as a free copy already on the internet)  in hopes that it will inspire you to also to pick up your hook and a skein of yarn and start your first project for the new year.

Would love to have you share about your first projects that you have already started.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.