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Today is National I LOVE YARN day!

Today is the day to look for lots of giveaways and sales concerning yarn, all done in order to help us celebrate our love for yarn. If its possible check out the Facebook page I LOVE YARN DAY!

As for me I will be celebrating in two ways today. First, by making sure I crochet today using one of my favorite yarns in a project. I am going to crochet a doily for my mother ’s birthday.

Secondly, I would like to share the reasons I shop for yarn as compared to the same way some women shop for shoes. In my early 20’s I was experiencing stress attacks which required some medical help. Not wanting to be on medication with two small children in the house, a very wise doctor suggested I find a hobby. He claimed that people who do not how to relax are more prone to stress related aliments. To make a long story short I started crocheting, and within a few months my stress attacks were a thing of the past.

Crocheting has become so entangled (ha-ha) in my life that I am now teaching crocheting at our local college. In addition to this blog, I have also recently started a crocheting club to help others along their joinery in the wonderful world of crocheting. It still amazes me even after all these years how one little string of yarn can because something that is so beautiful. Often the useful things that I and my friends enjoy everyday in our lives.
Taken from The Craft Yarn Council web page about I Love Yarn day:

LOVE YARN DAY is a collaborative effort of the Craft Yarn Council, a non-profit made up of the leading yarn companies, accessory manufacturers, publishers and consultants in the yarn industry including: Annie’s Publishing; Boye/Simplicity Creative Group; Clover Needlecraft; Creative Partners; Creativebug; Interweave Press/FW; Leisure Arts; Lion Brand Yarn; Prime Publishing; Red Heart Yarns; Spinrite; TNNA and TMA Yarns. For more than 30 years the Council has sponsored a wide range of promotional and educational programs, including its highly acclaimed Certified Instructors Program, Discover Knit and Crochet classes and its popular and ever-growing annual I LOVE YARN DAY event.
So as you plan out your day today, please grab a skein of your favorite yarn or go and add to your stash by taking advantage of the many sales going on in the name of I Love Yarn day. Would love to hear from you the stories of why you love yarn.

Until next time keep those hooks flying.