Yes, I am still trying to catch up on some of my older reviews, at the same time keeping up with my new ones and still trying to post other subject topics. However with Christmas almost upon us I thought today would be a good time to post the review on Christmas ornaments.

For those of you that are new to my blog, back some time ago, when my daughter announced that she and her family were moving to Africa in a few months.  I decided to put every thing aside and focus on spending some quality time with her and my grandchildren. So this is the kit I actually received and crocheted a year ago, So please forgive me for the late review.


The kit arrived in the mail containing four small skeins of yarn; one red, green, black, tan and orange all in light worsted weight yarn. a small bag of polyester fiberfill, which was to be stuffing and filling for the small projects it also came with.
In order to crochet this kit and see it through to the end I had to have a few more tools that were necessary than these kits usually required.

Size 7 crochet hook
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle
White craft glue: optional
Straight pins: optional
Cardboard: optional
Plastic wrap: optional
Ornament hangers or some way to hang them on the tree

At my daughter’s suggestion I decided to tackle crocheting animals last year. This kit was a really nice break as I soon realized that crocheting animals were not one of my strongest area’s to crochet. At the time I was totally surprised that I would have any difficulty crocheting anything, but now I am glad that God reminded me what my students are going through. When one has crocheted as long as I have sometimes it is good to be humbled .   I believe the experience will improve my teaching skills and strengthen my patience with my students, you can imagine how the kit was a huge help for me. It was nice to crochet something small and easy in-between the requested projects that are more of a struggle and tedious.


The kit came with eight patterns: a knitting and crocheting one, each for a Stocking, Snowflake, Snowman and Santa ornament. All were marked easy level and quick to work. The patterns were all well written and easy to follow.

This kit is getting a rate of 9, losing only one point for unmarked labels. I really enjoyed working these patterns and am even considering crocheting a few more this year for a friend or two.

In closing I would like to say the Christmas Ornament kit was a very cute and for me a practical and useful kit. Rewarding also as I distributed the ornaments among my children’s families. Just a memorable little gift for Christmas. As Christmas approaches it gives me a warm feeling to know that when my children and grandchildren trim their tree in Tennessee and Africa that they will smile as they hang their homemade ornaments, and for a special moment are reminded of their grandparents who love them very much in Illinois.

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.