I was told once what you do not use, you will lose. So once a year I try to learn something new. This year I am about to embark on a new adventure, I have just started organizing my first bazaar with the ladies of my church. So I thought I would share my experience with you in a series of posts just in case some one might be interested in hosting one of their own later.

First of all, when we thought of having our own church bazaar we had no idea of all that was involved in hosting one. It involves more then just getting a few crafters together and setting up a few tables we are finding out.

Today I will discuss the basics, the three main things that must be done before any further action can be done.


The first thing you’re going to need is a location, so it was decided that our church gym was perfect. It was large enough and it was available, cool in the summer, close to washrooms and most importantly had double doors that opened into a good sized parking lot. We all agreed it would be perfect.


There is a food pantry ministry in our church, so all the profits from the booth fees will be donated to the Amboy Food Pantry to help with stock. In order to help keep vendors fee down, and still raise even more money for the food pantry we also determined to have a silent auction. Each vendor is required to donate an item for the auction and all the money from it will also be donated to the ministry.


Now for the date, after looking at our yearly church schedule and our towns fair days, it was decided on July 6, 2019. This would give any crafters a years notice to get some product together . Seeing that this is our first one, we wanted to give people plenty of time to prepare.

Vendors Registration:

This took a little bit of more home work then I thought. There was a lot more then just getting people’s personal information and collecting their money. There had to be a clear cut wording so that both parties knew what was expected of them for protection and liability.

After a lot of research and visiting many web sites, this form added to the bottom of this post is what we came up with.(see below)

I know there is a lot more work to accomplish, but I feel I am off to a good start and am anxiously ready to move on in this new learning opportunity in my life. As the year progresses I will be posting more about the ins and outs of helping to organize a bazaar.  I am expecting to make a few mistakes along the way, but so far I am excited and I think I will enjoy this learning process

Have you ever hosted a craft bazaar? Please I would love to hear from you if you have some insights.. Any information or any advice would be gladly received.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.


Baptist Bazaar
Event Vendor Contact

Date: July 6, 2019 Cost: $35.00

Location: First Baptist Church, (church address)

Bazaar Organizer: Pamela – (my number) . All questions and inquiries will be submitted through this phone number.

Please return sign application and check to Pamela: ℅ First Baptist Church; (church address)

We only have 16 spaces, they will be sold on a first come basis. In order to help the vendors have a more successful experience we have decided to only allow one vendor per marketable merchandise. ( i.e. only one Pampered Chef, one cross stitch, etc.)


Name: ______________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________

Description of items selling:




Vendors must donate one item towards silent auction that will be held during Bazaar (this can be a physical item, a gift certificate for your goods or services, or random items: candles, etc.) proceeds from the silent auction will be donated to help raise money the First Baptist Church Food pantry.
Registration Information for Vendors:

Each vendor will be provided one table and two chairs. Anything else the vendor will need must be provided by the vendor.

All monies belong to vendor except those profits from table fees which will be donated to the First Baptist Church Food pantry.

All fee’s are non refundable. All information, updates and changes will be sent to vendors via e-mail.

Our event will run from 10 am to 4 pm. Vendors can begin to set up at 8:00 am. We asked that all vendors have their tables set up the entire duration of the fair that ends at 4 pm.

Vendors are responsible for leaving the area in the same condition that they find it.

We reserve the right to censor any booth.

No alcohol on site.

Everybody is responsible for their own cash and must come with enough change as there way to accommodate with making change on site.

Please address all checks and money orders to First Baptist Church.

Baptist Bazaar will not be held responsible for any liability, lost or damaged or stolen merchandise or any injury incurring during the Bazaar.

Any damages received from a product sold solely lay with the vendor and customer.
I hereby agree to abide by this agreement and encourage its continued success;

Vendor Signature: ___________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________

We hope and pray that your day is a pleasure and blessing. Thank you.