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Any crocheter worth their salt will want to  –  at one time or another, push themselves to the next level in their crocheting skill. That is where I am at in my crocheting journey, and “Annie’s Crochet Special stitches Sampler” is that project for me. Although some of the squares are easier then others, for the most part this is the one that takes a quiet room and my full concentration.

I have been wanting to crochet this afghan for more years then I can remember. In fact this is my third time starting it, and every time I come across the pattern book I always am reminded I never finished it. Not this time. I am determined to finished it.

This is an afghan that has speciality stitches that make it a challenge for me to finish. It pushes me to further develop my crocheting skills while at the same time it is not easily followed and worked. I must be diligent to not allow myself to become overwhelmed.

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In the past I have tried to finish it all at once and in reality was setting myself up for a failure. This time I made a plan to tackle one square a month, and have presently completed seven of them. I have considered that one square a month would give time for in-between to work on less difficult projects. Therefore keeping my motivation strong.

The following is the first seven squares I have finished. And by posting this I making myself accountable to all of you.


Square 1:  Popcorn Clover


Square 2:  Bullion Baubles


Square 3:  Tulips


Square 4:  Roulettes


Square 5:  Bow Ties


Square 6:  Flying Shells


Square 7:  Mitered Tiles
Have you ever bought a pattern that you really wanted to finish and would find yourself coming back time after time? If there is a project you have always wanted to finish, now is the time. Gather all your supplies and make an easy to follow plan then take it one stitch at a time and soon you will have that projected once thought impossible before you mastered.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.