The Annie’s Hook & Needle club’s 61th kit for me was an easy level Lovely Lapghan. When I opened the kit my first thoughts were how appropriate for the month of Mother’s Day this project would be. The Lapghan was an open lacy pattern that was composed of a simple repeat pattern that makes a small afghan. The end results were gorgeous.


The kit came with two patterns, one for crocheters and one for knitters, and two skeins of 564 bulky or chunky, (it is called by both names) lilac weight yarn. As far as my tools, an N hook and tapestry needle was required.

Good News:

The pattern was great, no complaints at all. It was very well written and easy to follow. A word of caution, be sure to read the pattern notes before starting and you will have little difficulty in finishing.

The only stitches that you will need to know are the chain and double crochet.

Bad News:

The yarn comes in unmarked labels as is the case with most of the kits I have received. The color is stunning in appearance and the yarn crocheted into a very soft fabric. However, it was one of the worst ordeal’s with yarn I have ever encountered.

I know I am not using the technical terms but I will explain as best I can. Basically the yarn would at times be as thin as one string of thread and at other spots very fluffy braid-like that were often really thick to work with. The fact was I had to cut out so much of the yarn I had no choice but to forfeit the fringe in order to finish.


This yarn was also very fragile and extremely prone to tangles and breakage. I had trouble obtaining the correct gauge (the lapgham being about 38 inches to width). So I decided to rip out the four rows I had worked and rework them. If you, like me; have to rip it out.  I would like to caution you to do so very slowly. As I mentioned before the yarn breaks and tangles easily.

Final Words:

I love the pattern and can see myself reaching for it again in the future. I cannot say the same thing about the yarn. I would advise you even though this is an easy pattern to work to give it  your full attention to avoid having to pull it out and reworking it.

My experience with this yarn made this an unenjoyable project for me and because of the yarn I am rating this kit a 6, one of my lowest rating. Although I was really pleased with the end result, I just did not enjoy what I had to undergo to accomplish it. The yarn just made this a tedious experience for me. For me, tedious and crocheting should not be used in the same sentence.

If you have received the same kit -I would love to know if my yarn was the exception and not the norm. Did any of you experience the problems that I did?

Until next week, keep those hooks flying.