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As I posted previously, earlier this month I was blessed to receive a box of yarn from Lions Brand yarn. In exchange for my experience and know how, I would the use the yarn and then write a review on them. The box contained 2 Mandala baby (rainbow falls), 1 Rewind (marbles), 1 Penelope (Zeus), 1 Flikka (grape jelly). This Flicka yarn is the fourth and final review for them.

Although I enjoyed working with all the yarn, I must admit that the Flkka yarn was my favorite one. The color that was sent to me was Grape Jelly.   It is a combination of pale gray, pink, violet, and purple with traces of pale white variegated yarn mixture. The yarn is made of 50% cotton, and 50% polyester which is great because this also means it is machine washable and able to be machine dried.


Once again I went to the Lion web site to fine a pattern and decided on the crochet pattern Urban Minimalist Hat. ( The hat was easily crocheted in one afternoon and fits a head of 18 inches circumference. It was composed of chain and double crochet stitches, which makes it ideal for any level crocheter.

Flikka yarn was great to work with and even came out much softer then I expected any cotton/polyester blend to be. The yarn also comes in 11 different color combinations.

I would love to use this yarn in the future for not only clothing such as scarves and other hats, but for a few afghans as well. The yarn had no bad points, there was no breaks in the yarn or splitting when I used it. The color was strong and steady throughout.

I am so glad that Lions sent me this yarn, it might have been one I would have overlooked for a while or not really focused my attention on at first. Thankfully, I got to use it.

What is your favorite yarn to use? Is there one that you love so much that you just keep going back to over and over again? Please share, you might help someone else to find a new favorite.

Until next time, Keep those hooks flying.