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I am by no means an expert when it comes to what makes one yarn stand out more from another. My opinions are just based on what I have determined over my thirty plus years of crocheting. It is really centered on what I have enjoyed using and what I did not.

Most of my reviews on this site are written about things, I have purchased and worked with as an avid crocheter. Recently their are a few things that were sent to me as gifts in exchange for giving an evaluation of my thoughts on using their yarn. Today, I would like to share the current experience in using Lion Rewind Yarn.

I was sent Lion Rewind Yarn in a Light Blue-Grey shade called Marbles which I thought was gorgeous. I have always been partial to the colors of the sea. This was my first time working with a ribbon type yarn and although it offered more challenges than regular yarn I still enjoyed it immensely.

The first thing I do when I receive a new skein of yarn is look for a pattern. Since this yarn is from Lion Yarn I decided to use one of the patterns that are suggested by them. Having only one skein I opted for the Cos Cob Cowl.

It is an easy level pattern that only required a working knowledge of chain stitches and double crochets. I have included a link for any who would like to download it.


Rewind yarn is made of 70% Polyester, 30% Viscose. This means you can machine wash on cool, but instead of a dryer it is suggested that you lay it out flat to air dry. Rewind is a tape yarn, or what some call a ribbon yarn. So when using the yarn there are a few things you should keep in mind to make the experience more enjoyable.

First, is that tape yarn can be challenging at times, because this yarn loves to twist while you are working with it. I should emphasize that you must take extra care to keep the yarn from twisting and turning.

Second, this yarn can be more difficult to obtain perfectly even stitches, even for the most experience crocheter. So go slow, do not rush the project. Just enjoy the process.

Although I would not recommend this yarn, or any novelty yarn for a novice, since I prefer my students to wait and get a year of experience crocheting first. This is a yarn of a high quality, a light weight yarn and would have no trouble recommending Lion Rewind Yarn to an experienced crocheter though. I really liked the appearance of the yarn and it produced a soft fabric that felt great around my neck. I really enjoyed working with it and loved the appearance of the finished project. I am already looking over patterns to have an excuse to have a second round with it.

Have you ever used tape or ribbon yarn? What are your thoughts on it, would love to hear what you think?

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.