When I am working a yard sale, like I was this week. I look for small projects that will not drag and hang on the ground and simple projects that allow me to talk as well as work. This months Annie’s Crochet Afghan block of the Month kit was perfect for the annual Memorial Day yard sale we do around here.

The small size made it convenient to place in my bag when customers arrived and the repeat patterns were almost effortless to continue working one without losing my spot or messing up. I watched the accompanying DVD the night before we opened up and then worked the blocks during my three day yard sale.

Up to this month all the blocks have been skilled for easy level, this kit had two easy levels and one intermediate level.

Also, all the kits have come in Premier Everyday yarn, this month’s came in mouse gray. The varying colors are all well chosen and go beautifully together when laid side by side.


Block 10 is an slanted diagonal design. The block has no specialty stitches and consists of mostly chain, single crochet and double crochet stitches. I used an I hooked on all three squares to obtain the right gauge, of course this could be different for every crocheter.


Block 11 was also an easy level pattern. It was a very pretty shell design using the chain, single crochet and double crochet. This block had the challenge of two simple specialty stitches, the shell and the V stitch.


Block 12 had the honor of being the first intermediate level in the club. It was an open lace pattern using the puff stitch.

I am reposting my earlier tips and am trying to add one more to the list each month.

1. Make sure you keep all unused yarn, as it will be needed to finish afghan.
2. I like to keep my squares in 1 gallon zip lock bags. A year is a long time and I do not want to lose one of the blocks, or get them dirty. You can fit 6 in each bag with plenty of room to spare. Also this way I can keep them in order.
3. If you are someone who is trying to learn to read crochet patterns. This is a good club. In the DVD they take you through the pattern, row by row. First they explain what to do, and then they demonstrate what the instructions are saying.

4. When you are ready to work the edging always remember, that no matter what hook you use to work your block, always work the edging in a H hook.

I do not know if it is because I am more on the go in the summer or because these little blocks would also be perfect for a road trip vacation, but after being in this club for four months and learning the new stitches for each block lesson. I have to say so fare I have really enjoyed the kits so far.  What kind of projects do you look for when you are on the go?

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.