Im gonna mess up some calendars today since I know this project is a little later than the appropriate season. Most people in May talk of spring or Mothers day. So maybe May is a good month for a my review on the Santa Pillow which was the 44th kit that I received from Annie’s Hook & Needle Club. This was a gift I crocheted for my mother last Christmas, so it was a gift at least for my Mother.


It was one of the larger kits that I have received having five different colors skeins, off white (5 Bulky weight), and red yarn, off white, peach and black all in 4 worst weight. Because it is a pillow, the kit also came with two 3/8 black buttons for the eyes and Polyfill stuffing.

Although there was only one speciality stitch -the single crochet, and only a few basic stitches, the chain and single crochet stitch, the pattern was marked as intermediate. This would be a challenging pattern for someone who was new to the craft. To be honest there were a few spots in the pattern that made me sit down and take a break with a cup of tea to mull over the instructions.

The pattern is done in several pieces, sewn together and then stuffed. There are a few times you will need to crochet holding two strings of yarn together, but I have done that in many patterns and once you get a rhythm going that should not be a problem. The problem I did have was around the hatband, I had trouble really understanding what the pattern was calling for. It might just be my limited knowledge or it could have been the way the pattern was written. To be honest only time will tell through others followers comments. Either way, I finally just did my own thing to finish the project in time for Christmas. So my hat band does not match the pattern instructions.

Other than this one area I enjoyed the kit. The yarn was the perfect hues for the projects and was very easy to handle. I loved the fact I got to make a pom pom, for I do not do many projects that require that skill.

My mother loved the present and every one thought it was very cute, but to be honest I can never really see myself reaching for this pattern again. So because of the difficulty I had in following the pattern and the yarn coming in marked labels I am rating this kit a 7.

If you have received this kit yourself, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Or maybe share another experience where you finished a project, but it was more forced then enjoyable.

Until next time keep those hooks flying.