I have really been enjoying working with the yarn box that Lion yarn has given me. The box came with a skein of Rewind (Marbles), Penelope (Zeus), Flikka (Grape Jelly) and last but not least, two cakes of Mandala baby (Rainbow). One way to this crocheter’s heart is a box full of new yarn that I have never had the pleasure to work with.

I already posted the review on Mandala last week, but the next yarn that caught my eye was the Penelope Yarn. This yarn has a few very unique things that sets it apart from the others. First, it comes in a knitted chainette ribbon. When you examine the label you will discover the end piece taped to the outside, so that when you pull on it you will unravel the chainette and can crochet or knit with it.

Second; all the yarn is named after characters in Homer’s epic poem Odyssey. The names are as follows:
Odysseus – Poseidon – Homer – Scylla – Siren – Zeus – Calypso –
The hank of yarn I received was Zeus.

Penelope yarn is 75% wool/ 25% polyamide. This also seems to be a very fine yarn and it seems to be a very study yarn that would wear well, although not very soft.


Because of time I chose to make two tea wallets, I put the left over yarn up for I plan on buying another hank and crocheting some socks before next winter. According to Lion’s each hank has enough yarn to make an adult pair of socks.

459 yards of yarn in each hank
The pre determined strips made a lot less work in crocheting with less ends to sew in and I did not have to change yarn color to obtain the strips.

If you are making socks, it would be almost impossible to make the strips match exactly.


When you first start working with the yarn -you can tell it is a little wavy. It took a few minutes to get used to the tension.

I would strongly suggest that you take the time before you start your project to roll the yarn into a ball. It was much easier to work with.

The colors were beautiful and I really enjoyed working with Penelope yarn. I can honestly recommend this yarn as a wonderful yarn to use if you are wanting to crochet socks, shawls and fingerless gloves.

I personally, am anxious to finish up a few projects and get started on a few pairs of socks. After looking through my wardrobe I saw I was in need of some socks. Because of the inspiration of another crocheter on Instagram I have decided to crochet a few pairs this summer instead of making a Shopko run to buy some.

If you have worked with this yarn or, would like to one day, please share. Would love to hear about your thoughts and experiences concerning Penelope Yarn.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.