When I am trying to decide whether or not to join a crochet club, the biggest concern for me is what will the club provide? How can it increase my passion for the art, within the value of our dollars. My personality has a hard time committing to spending money on the unknown. The crochet clubs I have joined have made me learn to die to certain personal doubts, but at the same time I decided to start a blog to help enlighten other crocheters to what each club I participated in have to offer. So even if you do not agree with my opinion of the club and its projects, at least you will have all the required information to make an informed decision for yourself.

This club first drew my attention because it is advertised as just 30 blocks, so at three a month I am thinking this one will run its course in a year. Secondly, I love learning new stitches, I have always been attracted to dish clothes and sampler afghans that would help enlarge my stitch knowledge without committing to a large project.

The third kit from the Annie’s Crochet Block of the month club spotlighted the chain, the single and double crochet stitches. By using them in different sequence I worked up three very different looking blocks. Annie, should you ever read this, it would be great to give each block a name.


The first was a slanted, closely woven stitch mark at an easy level.


The second one was a more open lacy stitch pattern which was marked at the level of beginner. The easiest one of the three to master.


The last one was also marked at a easy level. On this one I might suggest that you keep your instructions close by. The pattern is an easy one, however it might be confusing to a crocheter that does not have a lot of experience.

Last week I was recovering from the flu, I was at the stage where I was not sick enough to be in bed, but not well enough to be out and about. It was so nice to just pop in the accompanying DVD that had tutorial for each square and have three small easy projects to work on. At least by the end of the day, I felt like I accomplished something. Kristi Simpson is the Instructor that took me through the instructions to complete block 7, 8 and 9.

The yarn was Premier Everyday, #4 worsted weight in cappuccino. This club has helped me to appreciate the merits of this yarn more and more. Not only is it wonderful to work with, the colors are bright and eye catching.

I know I mentioned some of these tips earlier but it never hurts to repeat them, especially the first one.

1. Make sure you keep all unused yarn, as it will be needed to finish afghan.
2. I like to keep my squares in 1 gallon zip lock bags. A year is a long time and I do not want to lose one of the blocks, or get them dirty. You can fit 6 in each bag with plenty of room to spare. Also this way I can keep them in order.
3. If you are someone who is trying to learn to read crochet patterns. This is a good club. In the DVD they take you through the pattern, row by row. First they explain what to do, and then they demonstrate what the instructions are saying.

So at the end of this post I have nine blocks completed and am looking forward to the next twenty-one. I am hoping as it progresses that the blocks will become a little more challenging.

Until next time, keep those hooks flying.